Microsoft’s The Power Of One Event: Launching XBox One

Last Monday night we attended Microsoft’s Power Of One Event at Bloke & 4th and it was quite the party!

It was the launch of the XBOX One, where new gamers, loyal XBOX fans, and more headed to the screens to check out the latest games on the newly released system. The event was filled with everyone from the advertising industry to singer/songwriters to everyone in between. The vibe was great, mingling, connections were being made and everyone was is great spirits for the night.

One of the games to watch out for is definitely Forza 5. This game looked beautiful. The McLaren P1, still in testing, is playable to you in HD, bringing the brilliance of racing and beautiful visuals onto a much more powerful gaming system compared to the XBOX 360.


A Canadian favourite that you that the lineups kept growing for was the new 20th anniversary NHL 2014, a hometown favourite due to it’s hockey background.

TIFF was in full swing as people were dressed to the tens and so very friendly. We absolutely love the TIFF season because it brings such a great dynamic to the city of Toronto. Touchscreen computers were located amongst the crowd as people checked out different websites and we couldn’t help put up LXRY a couple of times for the viewing audience.

Besides the launch of the new XBOX One we were very excited to go to this Microsoft hosted party because we also have an Windows 8 app and it was great to show people while we mingled.

Thank you to 4Tune for the invitation, we loved attending. For anyone who doesn’t know, 4Tune is entertainment and events company that specialize into bringing great events into the Toronto nightlife. Find out more from their website at www.4Tune.ca.

Here is where the Bloke & 4th is located:

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