Review: The DALI IO-6 Premium Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones

Everyone knows right away the difference between a premium and poor audio experience. What it feels and sounds like. It’s a polarizing experience.

A poor audio experience makes you wince, forget about what you are listening to, and is full of hardware and sound imperfections. A good audio experience will be like anything else you experience, almost like a standard listen, where you don’t even notice the quality of sound, you are focused on the subject matter. Now, a standout audio experience is something that takes an ordinary experience and makes it sound extraordinary.

A standout audio experience can be immersive, awe-inspiring, and make you fully devoted to what you are listening to.

It’s an experience that you only have when you have the tools to experience it.

If you are looking for a standout audio experience, those would be the Dali IO-6  Premium Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones.

Enter The DALI IO-6 Premium Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones

You always want premium sound and once you have it, you don’t want to look back at the tinny or thin-sounding other options.

As soon as I put on the DALI IO-6 Headphones, they were hugging my ears comfortably and the natural sound around me slowly got quieter and quieter. I could feel the surrounding environment melt away, especially when I turned on my music.

Before we get into the sound quality and if I would recommend the DALI IO-6 Headphones, let’s go over the design.

The Design of The DALI IO-6 Headphones

When it comes to the build quality and style, these are tough to beat.

They consist of a mix of both metal materials contrasted with soft leathers for both functional and fashionable purposes.

The DALI IO-6 Headphones can arrive at your door in a few colours as well. Army Green, Chalk White, Caramel White (pictured in this story and my personal favourite), and Iron Black.

I just love the look of the Caramel White. The touch of leather, soft, comfortable leather too, bring a certain level of class to them. The only metal finishing you find is really around the joints that connect the ear cup’s structure with the headband. It’s subtle, but with it, it gives it a more refined and modern look.

The leather itself is also quality. I know my experience with other black leather-based headphones that I have had in the past, that the leather around the ear cup will slowly chip away and flake off. It’s a pet peeve of headphones for me and based on the materials, I would be lead to believe that these DALI IO-6 Headphones would flake or be affected much by such an issue.

Moving upwards towards the headband, the same detail and comfort apply from the ear cups. Between the ear cups and the headband, it’s quite balanced as well, where the sides or top are not necessarily adding more pressure than the other.

I do appreciate the really smooth feature and the way they brought the design of the headband together, especially with its lack of stitches throughout it. Nice touch.

I personally wear headphones for long periods of time. Whether traveling, writing these stories, or listening to my favourite music, podcasts, or even listening on Zoom calls, it’s rare that if I am at my desk and those headphones are not on my head. So, for long-term wear, I did feel these DALI IO-6’s to be quite comfortable, especially jumping from listening to music to fine combing audio quality for video production.

They don’t feel too heavy or weighted down when wearing them for a long time and with my big head, they give me the coverage I need, even if I wear them over a hat.

The overall headphones are also protected by this full-zip carrying case, which helps them stay nice and pristine.

The Sound Quality of the DALI IO-6 Headphones

Getting to the sound quality of this Denmark-designed and developed brand, we look in detail at their decision-making for their drivers.

The sound quality is very well balanced, with class-leading, 50mm paper fibre cones driving the pleasant listening experience, enjoyable for most audiophiles. The paper fibre cone design brings a more natural-sounding audio experience with very little distortion when cranked up and pays homage to the artist, by putting forward an authentic listening experience.

What really helps is how the memory-foam cups seeming fit and shape with your head and ears to provide a lot of wonderful isolation.

They are also not overpoweringly big compared to other headphones I have tried, where the ear cups take up half of your head. They are well-sized and perfect for the majority of people wearing them.

The Features of the DALI IO-6 Headphones

With any good headphones of these past few years, they adapt to their customer. They know they want more wireless features and experiences running through their daily lives and the DALI IO-6’s offer the same consideration for their customers. To experience a higher wireless audio performance, they are able to support Bluetooth AptX, AptX HD, and Apple AAC. If you are even more particular about audio quality than that, you can hardwire it and listen to your files through USB-C connection, all included in the package. For those in more of a studio space with a mini-jack, you can also experience it that way.

Additional to the upgraded wireless listening experience, you can enjoy dynamic features as versatile as to how you will use these throughout the day. If you are looking for more focus throughout your day, you can enjoy Active Noise Cancellation. Technology built inside the DALI IO-6’s provides a high level of natural passive noise isolation (or PNI). That mixed with a controlled low-frequency noise, you have a wonderful way to remove background disturbances from your day.

You have three modes with this Active Noise Cancellation as well. You have on, off (but still well-isolated), and Transparency Mode, which allows you to feed more ambient noise into your headphones to hear your surroundings a lot better.

The exterior of the headphones and the features are very straightforward. The controls are on the right side of the headphones and that will take care of your basic back and forths through song playlists, answering calls, etc. You can quickly toggle through your favourite playlist using buttons on the right ear cup.

Lastly, battery life. It’s not going to be great if they only last three hours, right? Well, with the DALI IO-6’s the battery will definitely last longer than an international flight or a working blitz for a startup company. We are looking at a best-in-class number of 30 hours of battery life.

The Bottom Line

For DALI IO-6’s Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones, you are looking at a very tidy, premium package of beautiful audio appreciation.

The design is more exciting and stylish than your typical pair of headphones, you really experience a high-level quality of sound and you have wireless headphones that can last up to 30-hours of playtime. If I had to pick on anything that I think could be improved it would be the multi-point Bluetooth for multiple devices, the ability to adjust EQ through an app, and possible different cup sizes. That being said, I have really enjoyed the DALI IO-6’s and would recommend them for your audio listening experiences.

For more information on the DALI IO-6 Premium Over-The-Ear Wireless ANC Headphones, be sure to visit DALI’s website to learn more.

See pricing for the DALI IO-6 Premium Headphones on Amazon.

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