Dîner en Blanc Toronto

Last night, we attended Dîner en blanc, a worldwide phenomenon that has everyone around the world dressing to the nines (in white) and enjoying a massive and beautiful picnic into the evening hours.

Last night over 1,600 guests were welcomed into this unknown location in Toronto to enjoy an organized chaos of beautiful scenery, food and entertainment. The location for the event is always a mystery until it is announced two hours before, not leaving much time, but preparation definitely paid off.


First Impressions

We were one of the first to arrive in this area in Queen Street East and Church Street in Toronto, which is not usually known for extravagant events and classy food and drink, but this was something different. IT was something the area needed for just one perfect night, to turn a ordinary urban space, and transform it into an extraordinary delight.

“The event showcases Toronto’s passion for both food and fashion and promises to continue growing as more and more people become involved in the shared experience. I am honoured to be a part of such an original concept and look forward to making it an even bigger success than 2012.” -Nicholas Wong, host of Toronto’s Dîner en blanc.

One of the most interesting aspects about the event was the food. Big bowls, small meticulous dishes, coolers full of wine and other drinks. Foodies and enthusiasts alike brought china tea sets and beautiful centrepieces with them. This night was a perfect example of how food and breaking bread really brings us together. We talked to young professionals and they made friends with the people next to them, even shared their food, making an experience for all.

One of the other most unique things about Dîner en blanc had to be how attendees fashioned and styled their white outfits. One woman actually wore her wedding dress because she felt it was formal fitting and she wanted an excuse to wear such a once-in-a-lifetime that brought so many great memories to her life again.


The event brought forth press, people who were creative with their dishes, great fashion and a great way to spend a night in the city, being part of a big movement of people as spectators looked in to see what was happening.

Upon leaving the event, I had people stop me and ask me…but it was not typical, ‘why are you dressed all in white?’ but it was more of the question, ‘oh, how was Dîner en Blanc this year?’. It was a great feeling sharing such a great experience with so many types of great people.

Thank you to the Dîner en blanc for the invitation and Nicholas Wong for putting on such a fantastic night.

Who knows where the mystery locations will be in the future…But will you be joining in for next year?

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For more information visit: http://toronto.dinerenblanc.info

TWTTR | @DinerEnBlancTO


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