Tromba Tequila Experience-8

How To Enjoy Tromba: One of Canada’s New Favourite Tequilas

Tequila. It’s something that is usually hard to swallow and brings some mixed memories from college or university days.

It’s something that you would order in the form of a shot, line-up by the bar and put them back each with a sour look on your face followed by a lime to cool the bite of the flavour off.

But, you’ve grown up and so has tequila. The flavours, the roughness, and the bite are a thing of a past. You are someone looking to expand their horizon, so, it’s time to take a second look at tequila.

Tromba is one of the brands that is taking this idea of ultra premium tequila very seriously. We have something in common, we are both done with the plastic shot glasses bar side. Don’t be fooled, you don’t need salt and lime to try to get this tequila down and gone, this tequila goes down smooth.

Tromba is the #1 choice for ultra-premium tequila in bars and restaurants in Toronto and just number two in sales in all of Canada, with it’s sights set on the top.

We like Tromba because it’s got a big Canadian influence from the President and CEO of the company, Eric Bass. Canada was always on the agenda for expansion and almost counts as an export of Canada.

The Proper Way To Drink Tromba Tequila

If you want to have the Tromba Experience, you have to learn how to drink tequila.

  • Before the first sip, move the glass side by side (with your nose above the glass) and take in the aroma through your nose
  • On the first sip, hold it in your mouth and then swallow and then exhale (one of my favourite parts)
  • Second sip and exhale with mouth or nose and enjoy the rest at your own pace

We are always big fans of rituals. This will help not only you help you enjoy your spirit more, but really stop and notice the flavours and aromas from the tequila too. Appreciate the notes and really take it in. You can shoot it if you want, but at least know what you are drinking first!

Which Tequila Should You Choose?


If you are looking for a tequila that’s smooth on it’s own, good for shooters and mixed drinks, head for the blue and grab a bottle of Blanco.


For those who aren’t used to aged tequila, might want to add a bottle of this to your cabinet. Do you drink bourbon or whisky? You might find yourself enjoying their Resposado, which has been aged for six months.


The smoothest of the three, for those who are usually fond of a smooth scotch, you might enjoy the Anejo tequila, which is aged for two or more years.

The Bottom Line

Tequila isn’t something you should shy away from based on a few bad university nights. It’s something that has evolved into many stages. Tequila is a bartender’s dream because of the versatility. Whether it’s for lighter drinks in the summer or something a little stronger for the colder months, Tromba sits confidently in the glass by itself or it finds itself mixing and mingling well with others. If you haven’t tried an aged tequila, it’s definitely worth expanding your palette to. With the barrel aging, it really brings a great flavour to the smooth tequila. So, next time you head to the bar or to the liquor store to pick up a bottle, what’ll it be?