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Living Frames by Urban Foliage

Living Frames

Price Range: $990 – 2,990

Living Frames made by Urban Foliage is a great new modern picture frame that has beautiful plants growing from it to create a nice, unique piece. Made in Vancouver, these ‘Living Frames‘ are beautifully designed and a great addition to any home. They definitely make a great conversation starter!

Their modern style makes them the first of their kind in North America and provide great design to any room. These frames have an extremely low amount of maintenance required, only watering after every 2-3 weeks, perfect for Canadians who are on the go, or live a very busy life. The frames are also highly customizable as well. The colours, textures, sizes and overall design of the Living Frames give the ability to customize and compliment any space that it is in.

Some of the other notable features of the Living Frames is the fact that it is made from recycleable materials. The materials used to manufacture these frames are high quality and durable, but also the health benefits on having more plants in your house is definitely an added bonus. They are also great for space saving because they keep the plants off the floor, and most important they are made and based out of British Columbia!

You can also choose your package, either a higher or lower maintenance package but it depends also on the size and design of your Living Frame. You could also opt to have the living frame delivered and installed to your interior living space.

The Living Frame is a great addition to it’s house and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter around your home!

Here is where you can buy Living Frames:

1. Thomas Hobbs Florist


2127 W. 41st Ave.,

Vancouver, BC

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2. Hilary Miles Flowers LTD


1-1854 West 1st Avenue,

Vancouver, BC

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