Celebrating National Spritz Day With A Luxardo Limoncello Spritz

Nobody wants heavy drinks on a hot summer’s day. That’s why having a spritz is not only flavourful but also very refreshing. With wonderful timing on the August long weekend, today is National Spritz Day and my choice for this year is a Luxardo Limoncello Spritz. With summer winding down, I want to celebrate it as much as possible and enjoy the last few weeks of it.

A nice Limoncello Spritz tastes like a refreshing dessert and I absolutely love lemon tarts, so it seemed like the perfect accompaniment to the relaxing long weekend.

The Luxardo’s Limoncello Spritz is made with Fiol Prosecco DOC, which added that extra bubbly taste and feeling to compliment the lemon flavour well.

It was such a refreshing and easy drink to make too. This was my first time enjoying a Limoncello-based product as well and I have a feeling it’s going to find its way in my rotation.

Now to why you are here. In a few minutes from now, you will be enjoying the same drink as I did.

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How To Make A Luxardo Limoncello Spritz

The Shopping List

Here is what you need to enjoy a Luxardo’s Limoncello Spritz:

At the LCBO:
– A bottle of Luxardo Limoncello ($23.95)
– A bottle of Fiol Prosecco DOC ($15.95)

At the Grocery Store:
– Bottle of Soda Water
– Garnish: Mint, Thyme, Basil

Two trips, a handful of ingredients, and just like that you are enjoying dessert in a glass.

This is a cocktail that you don’t spend a lot of time away from the party.

You make one for yourself, you make a couple for your guests and you are right back out to the party in just a few moments.


1. Add 2 Cubes of Ice To A Glass
2. Add 2oz of Luxardo Limoncello
3. Add 2oz of Soda Water
4. Add 4oz of Fiol Prosecco DOC Chilled
5. Finish off with Garnish: Mint, Thyme, Basil
6. Quick stir and enjoy

I love the refreshing hit of citrus, the fruity-driven flavors to feel like summer, and the vibrant colours to liven up a glass.

The Bottom Line

I really enjoyed how quick and easy it was to make such a great and delicious cocktail with the Luxardo’s Limoncello Spritz. I found that it is a recipe that once you serve it up once, you can always just have it in the back of your head and it’s going to be great each and every time. I think the best time to enjoy would be for more brunch and afternoons in the sun, but enjoy responsibly however you would like to as well.

For more information on Luxardo Limoncello and Fiol Prosecco Doc, visit their websites.

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