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LXRY Attends: BoutiqueMonique Vintage Store Launch Party

Style is timeless. Think of the little black dress or the classic suit and tie for men, it’s always in style. There are a lot of different fashions that come and go, but some stay as fresh as the day when they first came out.

It’s all in how you wear it and style yourself, it could be a combination of new and vintage, bright and subtle, with different patterns and textures that develop your own personal style.

Last night we went to BoutiqueMonique‘s Launch Party and we were exposed to all sorts of different vintage clothes from well-known classic brands. We had conversations about fashion and vintage clothing and judging from the people wearing these pieces, they all had this aspect of pride, showing off what they had purchased in previous visits to the store.

The previous customers of the store had a way about them that made them excited to buy clothing again. There was a certain thrill. Instead of the more posh response, ‘I just got this, isn’t it lovely?’, when someone complimented one of the customers who were wearing vintage clothing from the store, it brought a smile and a story about their purchase with it.

It’s tough to get stories out of clothes any more, especially when you buy them new and right from the centre rack.

What was another additional great feeling that we got from the customers is that the owner, Monique Nanton, who helps the different clients feel confident and comfortable in their own skin with the clothes that they put on.

Vintage style, 1950’s and 1960’s elegance filled the rooms, all the way from the shoes, to the dresses, to the blazers. The night had a nice Mad Men like gathering about it.

It seemed like everyone left with a smile on their face and a well-packaged portable sewing kit in their hands, maybe inspiring them to develop and push their own style further.

Overall, it was a great night! Met some great people in the arts, talked everything from cars to fashion, to real estate and back to fashion, and had a lots of great company to boot.

About BoutiqueMonique Vintage

Boutique Monique is a vintage boutique shop located on St. Clair West in Toronto and has a variety of styles to choose from. The store boasts both men and women’s article of clothing from elegant dresses to terrific shoes. If you do love vintage clothes, be sure to stop by the store and have Monique Nanton help you find your vintage style!

Where the BoutiqueMonique Vintage Store is located:

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1024 St Clair Ave W

Toronto, ON M6E

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