1998 McLaren F1

The Interesting Coincidence Behind Our Colours

Have you ever felt attached or drawn to a colour and you don’t know why?

When it comes to branding, logo design and colours are key. Colours make your brand more recognizable and more lively. Our brand colours are black and white, with the orange as a secondary colour.

When the magazine started, it was silver, and we didn’t it find it to be the best colour. There wasn’t enough personality to it, there wasn’t enough edge.

So when we went through the development of LXRY and rebrand of the logo, we wanted a strong colour. Something that provided a recognizable flare but also provided an approachable feel and edge. So, we went with orange!

We didn’t want to over-intensify our brand with a strong red, but we found blue to be too soft. We wanted something like a sports car, we wanted something to stand out.

Over the last month, within the start of 2013, we wanted to turn our heads more to the meaning behind the brand, and working on the story behind LXRY. And we found it.

To develop a brand, it’s easy to develop a brand personality or persona. If you personify a brand or relate it to a tangible object, it’s easier to determine what kind of brand it is.

We asked ourselves the question, “If LXRY was a car, what car would it be?”

This was the toughest question, because you want to be as specific as possible when it comes to adding a personality to the brand.

Growing up, my favourite car in the world was the McLaren F1. With speed, agility, and uniqueness pouring from every drop of the motor oil that pumps through it, it has been the pedestal that has keep me motivated to pursue it. When we heard the news that McLaren, 20 years later, is going to release the successor to the F1, the McLaren P1, this gives the car a timeline of old and new coming together.

We love the McLaren P1, we will do a story on it soon, but what happened next was the coincedential part of the story.

Since it’s production model in 1993, I idolized this car, made it my goal, looked up to it, and I had and still have this connection with it.

When we wrote down that this was the car of the brand (with the McLaren P1 as a close second), and I did an image search of the car, and sure enough, something really great happened.

The colour of the car was orange.

I had no idea that I had this connection with orange for the past 20 years. With LXRY’s colours difficult to explain originally, I have found my eureka moment with the brand, that turned out to be two decades in the making.

If you keep things in your head, your goals and aspirations, you never know what great things could happen to you indirectly.

Strive for what you love, strive for LXRY.

What are your colours?

Thank you for reading.