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Part 2: Treccani Milano’s Perfect Fit Bespoke Shirts and Accessories

How do you look and feel like a million bucks?

Looking like a million bucks is something that is very tough to do with something that isn’t made specifically for you. It’s very rare that you have a shirt, suit or pants that you buy off the rack that are made specifically for your dimensions, shapes and sizes.

When you buy something that is made specifically for your body, it’s yours. It’s your size, it’s your dimensions, and it’s tailored specifically to you.

Having a shirt that is made specifically for you provides the feeling of power, because the shirt is completely made one-of-a-kind. There will be no one else with the same shirt, ever. Unless you order a second one.

When we went to Treccani Milano, we were impressed with the handmade design and feel of the bespoke shoes, but if you want to complete the look, why not compliment the shoes with another custom made addition.

Part 1: Treccani Milano’s Bold and Beautiful Bespoke Shoes

Unless you are in the industry of fashion or design, building a shirt is the sum of a lot of different parts. The collars, buttons, dimensions, position of the button holes, to the size of the cuffs. All of these come together to make a standard dress shirt. But normally you don’t have control over these details, normally you aren’t in control of the way you buy one of the most important shirts in your closet, your dress shirt.

Treccani Milano

What Treccani Milano has done, is put the control back into the hands of the consumer by allowing them to make a dress shirt, that they want to buy and wear. They give you the architect’s job and ask you to help with the design of your own clothes. It’s like working with a fashion designer to create your own individual style that you will wear and love. What could be better?

When we visited Treccani Milano, we were blown away from how much customization they give the customer.

Hit The Links

Treccani Milano

One of Treccani Milano’s latest ventures has been in the golf marketplace. Treccani’s latest golf bag is quite the sight. Standing tall in bright orange, you can see it in the middle of the room right as the centre piece of their Yorkville store. Just like with the other aspects of their store, this too can be customized. The name plate, the leather colour and even the thread colour can be changed to a different colour, you can even add that personal touch, which we will talk about below.

Bring On The Belts

Treccani Milano

What we love about this store is the ability to coordinate and compliment. Say if you bought some alligator leather shoes or a lighter brown boot, it’s quite difficult to find the exact belt that matches that colour. But if you buy the shoes, you can match up the colour of the leather to the exact colour of the built. For those who wear suits, this is a must.

Carry On

Treccani Milano

Besides the bags, golf attire and accessories, and bespoke shirts, Treccani Milano also has handbags. These bags are great for everyday accessories. The black and white leather bags have a certain Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic design to them while the brown bags are great for shopping and looking good in every day situations. The two-toned purses provide some alternative styles that are great for being more recognized.

Adding That Personal Touch

Treccani Milano

When you buy a pair of shoes or shirt from Treccani Milano, you can add that personal touch, those initials that you have signed so many times on that big deal or that extra little bit, so when people have your attention you have that subtle detail that people know that you are in charge.

You can add your signature initials or short name right on the heel of the shoes or right on the insole of the shoe as well. Whether it be a logo or a word that means the success to you, you can add it. Because you have full control of your shirt design as well, you can your initials or word of success on the shirt as well.

The Bottom Line

With the ability to be in complete control of your shirt design and style, you have the ability to look like a million bucks. You still have to work on the tailored suit, but with the custom shoes, the matching belt, and the custom made dress shirt, you will be feeling great, but make sure you know how to tie a tie or else you might skew the whole look! The bespoke golf shoes with the signature golf bag will keep you looking good on the golf course, while the bespoke shirts will give you that extra confidence off the course.

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