The 2013 CIAS Brings New Futuristic Design And Style To Toronto

The Canadian International Auto Show is a way for carmakers to reveal their latest and greatest designs to anxious automotive enthusiasts for an entire week. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre holds everything in place as thousands of fans and new visitors hit the display floors.

Each display seemed to be more elaborate than the last, with huge, overhanging branded displays filling the floor space and brought to new heights. In some cases it was a battle for the biggest display!


A lot of people took notice to the the deep red coloured SRT Viper, which appeared on the very first episode of Top Gear, kicking off their 19th season. There were many other notables that formed a small crowd around them, including the beautiful Lexus LF-LC, the Gold Plated Mercedes-Benz G Class SUV, as well as, the 2014 Hyundai HCD-14 Concept, and definitely the BMW i8 Concept car.


The BMW i8 was probably one of the most interesting because we visible remember the i8 design from last year. It seems that the i8 will be going with less metallic body and more of a futuristic ‘glass’ type of model. Also, maybe it stood out because it was one of the only high-end sports cars that wasn’t a shade of red!



Lincoln was one of the brands that showed the most growth since last year, with their new MKZ models looking quite good, with a nice futuristic edge.


Even though Mazda had the new 2014 Mazda6 out, we would have preferred to see last years Mazda Shinari make more progress at the show.

Audi came out strong with their bright red R8. Such a beautiful, fast looking and fast performing car. The RS7 was another great addition to their minimally coloured line up.


Another show stopper was the McLaren MP4-12c Spider. It was showcased in the Pfaff Tuning section and in the Auto Exotica section as well. It’s one of the first reintroductions of McLaren back into the consumer market, especially in Canada, and we are incredibly exhaustedly happy it’s here.


Both Ferrari and Maserati filled a lot of the room in the Auto Exotica, showcasing their new F12Berlinetta. A car that is so fast that it would make PM Stephen Harper’s hair, move out of place.


We enjoyed Ford’s driving simulator, bringing car and racing enthusiasts a couple of feet in the air and working on their driving in the Ford Focus ST.

The Bottom Line

The overall displays were nice, with some really great interactivity and design. Some car makers brought bright colours front and centre for their displays, like Ferrari, Ford, Audi, and Volvo, while others fell into more of a conserved, elegant look to them.

We are always disappointed with the carmakers that chose to use the repeat displays from last year for some of their vehicles. As well as the car makers that don’t like to have people sit in their higher end cars, not good for higher end clients looking for their next car. The Canadian International Auto Show should be open to sit and experience all walks of a car’s lineup, next year, maybe we can open aspect of the show to the public.

Here is where the Canadian International Auto Show is located:

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Toronto Metro Convention Centre

255 Front Street West

Toronto, ON M5V 2W6

(416) 585-8000

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