LXRY Attends: #SprungTO

Location: 561 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON.

When a lot of beautiful, outgoing, fashionable people happen to be in one room together it results in a wonderful and social atmosphere.

Last night was the #SprungTO event hosted at the stylish, long-roomed Gafas Optical Store, in the Queen West area, where influencers around Toronto gathered to talk about eyewear, music, luxury, and their personal projects.

SPRUNG was an invite-only event that attracted interesting and passionate people from the Arts, Fashion, and Entertainment communities. What was the soul reason for this event? It was the motivation of luxury brand photographer and designer, Nathaniel Anderson, who wanted to bring like-minded people together and provide a great social experience for attendees.

There was complimentary beverages, food, great music by the in house Dj and even Flow 93.5‘s radio host, Jeni was emceeing the prizes and the speeches for the event.

We were so lucky to have won a Marlon Durrant bespoke shirt last night in a raffle, which we are excited to go through the experience of making such a tailored shirt. Other sponsor’s like Ilaika PR, Headshots, Citimark, Ree Ree Productions, TCHAD Quarterly Magazine, Denizen Services and even Cry If I Want To, where all in attendance for the event supplying great exposure, prizes and attendees for the Queen West space.

Some notable guests were Davide Stennett, who is a designer of this beautiful jewellery, Restoration Couture; Toronto City Gossip, a popular Toronto website covering reviews and news of the hottest places in the city; Aimee Cook from the blog, Rants of a Red Head, as well as, Corporate Traveler, and Studio Film Group.

Overall, a great night filled with beautiful people, high-styled eyewear, and great conversations with really interesting people.

Here is where Gafas Optical Store is located:

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