LXRY Exclusive Interview: Fashion Photographer Victor Demarchelier

Victor Demarchelier, son of legendary fashion photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, sat down with us for a brief interview. Yorkdale Shopping Centre is launching it’s Spring 2015 campaign, What’s Next, with Victor as their very special guest!

Here is our interview with Victor Demarchelier:

LXRY: Tell us about yourself.

VD: I was born and raised in New York. I grew up with the fashion industry and would say I had an early appreciation for both photography and fashion. When I was in college I studied economics and fine art but loved printmaking. I’ve always loved creative things so shortly after college I got more into photography.

LXRY: What made you get into photography?

VD: I’ve always loved creativity and one thing just led to another. My parents never forced me to do anything I didn’t love and I quickly realized that in life you should do what you love, not necessarily just what you’re good at – I studied economics at college.

LXRY: What is it about Fashion that catches your eye?

VD: Everyone has their own unique style and fashion will always be around. It’s always evolving and so there’s always something new to explore. I love that it’s about creating, not just imitating.

LXRY: What has it been like working with Yorkdale?

VD: Yorkdale is beautiful! I’ve loved malls since college because we all need a getaway space where you can have lunch and spend the day.

LXRY: How would you define the perfect fashion photoshoot?

VD: Preparation is key. I do like to go with the flow but it’s important to be prepared to ensure a smooth shoot. I listen to my subjects and try to be collaborative to create something unique.

Thank you, Victor, we appreciate you taking the time to chat with us about your recent experience with Yorkdale, looking forward to your next big move!

 Learn more and see more about Victor Demarchelier on his beautiful website.