Stone Tile Debuts New Showroom and Laminam Product Line

Last night was the unveiling of the new showroom for Stone Tile International and the Canadian debut of one of their new products, Laminam, and it was a big launch.

The showroom was packed to the brim with professionals in the design industry just waiting to see Stone Tile’s new collection.

The showroom was beautifully design, we were there early, so we got a chance to walk through the whole maze of beautiful wood, tiles, trims and more! And it’s a big showroom.

Once the party got up and running, a third of the whole showroom was turned into a night club setting, and there was many sounds of ‘wow’ from attendees when they discovered this.

The rest of the space had people everywhere, dressed up and deep in conversations about design. You turn one corner, it’s a taco bar, you turn another corner, wine, you turn another corner, more amazing food and drink. It was a wonderful labyrinth that you wanted to get lost in and never come out.

The products were fantastic as well, they had all sorts of different patterns and colours, especially if you want to redecorate the office, home or even exterior space as well!

The Canadian Debut of Laminam

The launch event also included the Canadian debut of Laminam.

Laminam, what’s that?

Well, our LXRY friends, Laminam is a new and revolutionary ceramic slab from Italy. These slabs come in all different colours and patterns and are indestructible and very versatile. It can be used for flooring, countertops, sinks and even on exteriors of buildings. They even come with a 25 year warranty, which is equivalent to about four marriages in Hollywood!

They have over 100 colours and textures for your designed, pinterested eye to choose from and they come in a 3mm thickness. Additionally, Stone Tile introduced a new line of wood products that are also worth checking out.

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For more information, visit: http://stone-tile.com