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The Dalmore Launches Single Malt Collection Valued Over $200K

Are you a Scotch drinker? Then you will love this.

A new collection of some of the rarest single malts in the world is going on sale at the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB) flagship Signature liquor store located at 39th & Cambie Street. For the first time in Canada, The Dalmore has released their rare collection of scotches valued at $218,500, which will officially go on sale March 27th at 6:30pm.

The Dalmore will release their Constellation Collection with the very best of their whiskies created between the years of 1966 and 1992. The whiskies were created at their iconic Scottish Highland distillery and is a great start or continuation for any scotch drinker’s collection.

The Dalmore Constellation Collection is made up of 18 individual vintage scotches at that have been finessing in casks from around the world before being bottled, to perserve it’s rich, natural colour.

Each bottle is encapsulated in in a hand-blown crystal decanter, with the year of distillation, age and cask number engraved on each bottle. Not to mention the addition of the signature The Dalmore distillery solid silver royal stag, so others know what to ask for, for their next drink.

“The Constellation Collection is an extremely rare and precious offering. In selecting these casks, we have identified our brightest stars from our darkest warehouses.” Says The Dalmore Master Distiller, Richard Paterson. “Although much has changed since 1966, what has not is the consistency of quality inherent in each and every Dalmore expression.”

About The Dalmore

The Dalmore is located on the northern shores of the Firth of Cromarty, within the Scottish Highlands. With rich scottish heritage soaked into every bottle, it makes for one of Scotland’s most precious whiskey stocks. The company has been producing excellent single malt whiskey since 1839 and their prices do reflect on their quality.

The Dalmore Trinitas was launched in 2010 and was the first whiskey to break the six figure mark, with only three bottles made. Quite the historic scotch!

If you want to be the proud owner of The Dalmore Constellation Collection, be sure to drop by the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB) flagship Signature liquor store located at 39th & Cambie Street in Vancouver, on March 27th, to purchase your new pastime.

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