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The Moments Of Smart Luxury Event Presented By Gc Swiss Watches

Last night we were cordially invited to attend Gc’s Moment of Smart Luxury event at the beautiful TIFF Bell Lightbox, located in downtown Toronto on the sixth floor looking down to the bustling nightlife of King Street West.

Enter Gc Swiss Watches

Some new and marketed GC Swiss Made Timepieces were being showcased as guests filled the space, surrounded by watches, food, wine, and more to keep them entertained and mingling.


First Impressions

As soon as the elevators doors opened, people flooded the sixth-floor Malaparte entrance to get their coats checked, get a quick picture in front of the Gc wall and it as runway walk down the hall.

Malaparte served as a nice branded entrance to the high-ceilinged room. To the left was the bar with the ceiling sloping nicely down to the bar, while to the right, the Dj was spinning some great music. The lighting of the venue was bright enough to see who you are talking with, pictures were easy to take without the use of a lot of artificial light and the music was a nice level so you could stay suave and debonaire, while not yelling into someone’s ear during the conversation.

IMG_0036Moving around the room, there was a mixed bag of media, fashion, TV and film personalities. All of which were dressed up and made a real effort, knowing that cameras were going to be there flashing with fashion and watches discussed. You must look the part if fashion is being discussed!

Malaparte provided hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, while the spotlight was on the three Rising Stars that were featured.

IMG_9956The first one to be featured was Rising Star, a beautiful Alexandria Pellegrino of Cake Opera Company, who makes stunning cake, sweet designs and delicious decorations. The third on the docket, was Rising Star, cool Frankie Solarik. This Barchef Mixologist provided ‘The Gala’ signature cocktail to attendees that cooled down the back of their throats that were being worked by lots of conversations around the room. Finally, a towering Jano Badovinac was being featured as Rising Star, working at Fugitive Glue, while creating some really interesting industrial design pieces, and provided the Node Garden Jack for the photo booth.

About Gc Swiss Timepieces

Paul Marciano, founder of the GUESS fashion empire, started Gc to reflect his personal attitude and lifestyle. Gc Swiss Timepieces bring forth smart luxury to whomever wears them. Marciano wanted to bring forth his personal style and his passion for watches into it’s own entity. Read more about the Gc story here.

IMG_9978The Bottom Line

The TIFF Bell Lightbox provided a great venue for this event. Not too stuffed, a place to move, it was great to go outside and get some fresh air and held a large number of people well. The watches are lovely, lot’s of different popular styles that you are finding more and more on Canadian streets. Mixes of black, white and rose gold can really compliment the accessories you have and others can certain contrast other accessories you are wearing.

For more information about Gc Swiss Timepieces, visit their website.

Here is where TIFF Bell LightBox is located:

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