It’s Time For Tom Ford To Launch His N°001 Watch

Tom Ford is following up on some news he mentioned over a year ago, and he is making good on his word. He is getting into the men’s watch business with the addition of the new Tom Ford N°001 watch.

It takes thousands of hours, experience and dedication to your craft to make a luxury brand and any new addition is a risk to the brand itself. Especially, if that brand wants to embark into new territory.

Over a year ago, Tom Ford announced his plan to create a new watch and now is the time.

The fashionable American brand has teamed up with Bedrock Manufacturing Company, who are also responsible for Shinola and Filson leathers.

The Tom Ford N°001 unisex carves out a smaller niche in the market with a dominant rectangle shape. The problem for any brand is being compared to other new brands when you come out with any product.

There are still some details missing from the total mix of things, like movement details and such. If it’s anything like the  Detroit-built Shinola watches, the are powered by the quartz Argonite movement and are hand assembled. This would be pretty unique if the Tom Ford watches were hand-built in Detroit or Seattle, Washington, where Filson products are made.

We don’t think so, they will probably be looking at more upscale movements and manufacturing might be taken to different countries.

The materials of the watches are looking towards 18-karat yellow gold, stainless steel and one to have a DLC finish. Comes also with a strap system (which we don’t really love), but it will be good for most consumers.

“Form truly follows function as the N°001 case has been carefully designed to allow for a quick and effortless interchange of straps that glide in and out of the case in an original and straight forward manner” – Tom Ford

The watches are set to range in pricing $2,190 to $10,100 and will be available soon.

Photo: Tom Ford N°001 Watch

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to get a piece or expand your accessory line-up or your closet with more Tom Ford products that you can wear on almost on a daily basis, be sure to check out the new Tom Ford N°001 watch. Learn more about the product and when it becomes available here: Tom Ford N°001 Watch.