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#YourTimeIsNow To Take An Urban Journey with Hugo Boss Feat. Zac Efron

What comes to mind when I mention the statement Urban Journey to you?

When we think of urban journey, we think of exploring our environment, maybe it’s taking a new route, maybe it’s dressing a little different to go about your day. Or perhaps it’s putting on a new scent that invigorates you to be more adventurous.

HUGO BOSS wants to capture the scent of that feeling of adventure in their new eau de toilette, Urban Journey.

How would you describe the scent?

After wearing it for a few days and switching back and forth towards different scents for contrast, I can tell you that Urban Journey is a spritely, bright scent with a great wear for upcoming spring and summer weather.

The bottle is robust with a textured feel to it with a silver cap attached to the bottle. Resembles a canteen , giving it that look and feel of being comfortable in the great outdoors. It feels like a very provoking scent that makes you want to start your day and get moving as soon as you put it on.

The scent has a great mixtures of a citrusy aromas, Himalayan whorlflower, black tea and has a strong tone of guaiacwood which really gives it that uplifting step, like a personal trainer motivating you to get started on your workout.

The scent really wants to be that motivating voice, ‘Today is the day, so do it’, hence the message #YourTimeIsNow associated with it.

Photos by: Steve Dolson

Enter Zac Efron

We talked to Zac Efron, newly appointed ambassador to HUGO BOSS, about his relationship with the brand, the concept of Urban Journey and how to own the room you are in.

LXRY: Zac, how does it feel to be the ambassador for Hugo Boss?

ZE: It’s fantastic, it’s very neat. Hugo Boss has been a very fun partner, they have a great team, and they have made it an adventure for me. They have taken me out of my comfort zone. We have travelled the world together. Been to Dubai, which I never thought I would go to. Got to ride camels. All under the message of #YourTimeIsNow. It’s an important message to this generation and the younger generation.

It reminds me of Guillermo Del Toro and his speech from the Academy Awards with all the youth out there being the most powerful people in the world. Then Guillermo Del Toro held up his Academy Award and said, this is a symbol for all those young people who have dreams and fantasies who want to turn those into reality, this is the door, it’s kicked upon, come on in.

The message is very empowering and resembles the message #YourTimeIsNow.

LXRY:What comes to mind when you think of #YourTimeIsNow?
ZE: It brings to mind something with National Walk Out Day in America. With all those kids who are standing up, showing their initiative and showing how powerful they are. Share common beliefs and their time is now.

There are so many things that people get caught up on. Some people in their technology can get lost and any time you have a chance to break away and take initiative to do your own thing. Those are important moments to have. Live every day as if it is your last.

LXRY:#YourTimeIsNow seems to be about ​provoking a sense of adventure, what’s an adventure you have always wanted to take, but haven’t yet?

ZE: There is so much of the world I want to see, so many cities in the world that I want to visit and just absorb the culture. I have been very, very blessed. I was young when I started traveling the world, although it was more for work, I still got to get little glimpses and build friendships when I was young. Every chance I get to explore their culture and their lives and see what it’s like for them to live lives is a glimpse of almost an alternate reality.

Every chance you have to try something new, go ahead and take that shot. You may be afraid or you might have other obligations, but you might end up in your favourite place that you have never been. Just try to say yes more than no.

LXRY:​Everyone wants to know, what is your cologne spray routine?​

ZE: With cologne, less is more, it’s got to be the after thought. It can’t be too much, like a smell first and then you show up. HUGO has some great fragrances, I think a little tiny bit on the back of your neck.

LXRY: If you want to feel confident for a role or big audition you go for, how do you prepare yourself to be a success and own the room?​

ZE: I am the same as everyone else, I get nervous and flustered before everything. I get butterflies. But, for me it’s knowing that what I am experiencing aren’t bad feelings. If you are experiencing a sense of fear, anxiety, it’s a weird spot to be in naturally.Just being yourself is the best thing you can be.

For auditions, going in prepared and knowing your stuff, knowing yourself, knowing the best way to go about it, and there isn’t much more you can do. No matter what happens at the end of the day, even if you make the biggest fool of yourself, everything is going to be totally fine.

Even if you mess up your audition, you have learned valuable lessons, this is what I did wrong and this is what I can do better and you learn from the experience.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a motivating spring/summer scent in the morning to really seize your day and make you think about the power of now, then this scent is for you.

We want to thank Zac Efron for his time for the interview, was great speaking with him.

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