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Hugo Boss Bottled Infinite Eau De Toilette A Great Daily Scent

After trying the HUGO BOSS Scent, Bottled Infinite, for a few months now, I can honestly say it’s a great daily driver for a cologne. Introducing The HUGO BOSS Bottled Infinite The Bottle Design The bottle design is very similar and takes shape after it’s predecessor, HUGO BOSS Unlimited, but with a big difference. The new HUGO BOSS Bottled Infinite has a transparent glass bottle that showcases the lovely dark blue hues of the fragrance. When it comes to scent profile, this fragrance would be ideal for the end of summer and carry all throughout the winter months. I find[Read More]

HUGO BOSS’ The Scent Private Accord Is Perfect For A Night Out

A lot of people have one scent that is their go-to scent. However, a lot of scents are more geared towards daytime because of their spritely, energetic aroma. If you are looking for a scent that you can wear after business hours are over, we’ve found it. It’s The Scent Private Accord by Hugo Boss. After testing it for a couple of weeks now, I have found that it’s the perfect scent for that event, dinner, party or date night. I find that when my other fragrances fade over the day and I put this on, it’s a scent to[Read More]

HUGO BOSS Unlimited: An Energetic, Fresh Scent For Men

Does what you wear bring you a lot of confidence? How you dress is an extension of how you carry yourself throughout the day. If you are really feeling good, it could result  in many positive outcomes throughout your day. The right place, the right time, and if you are ready for the moment, it could change your life. How you smell can have the same effect. It could be that extra little bit of confidence or formal feel, even if you are dressed casually. For those looking for an underlying layer of that confidence, there is a great accessory to[Read More]

#YourTimeIsNow To Take An Urban Journey with Hugo Boss Feat. Zac Efron

What comes to mind when I mention the statement Urban Journey to you? When we think of urban journey, we think of exploring our environment, maybe it’s taking a new route, maybe it’s dressing a little different to go about your day. Or perhaps it’s putting on a new scent that invigorates you to be more adventurous. HUGO BOSS wants to capture the scent of that feeling of adventure in their new eau de toilette, Urban Journey. How would you describe the scent? After wearing it for a few days and switching back and forth towards different scents for contrast, I[Read More]


The ‘HUGO BOSS‘ Man Price: $1799.50 HUGO BOSS is a brand known for it’s elegant style and quality. Mixed with a legendary name and brand known all around the world, HUGO BOSS has established itself as a top-of-the-line, yet worthwhile clothing line for any gentleman.   1. GLASSES HUGO BOSS 0127/S Sunglasses Price: $167.50   2. SUIT BOSS Black Classic Fit Wool Pasolini 2-Button Suit Price: $795.00 For more information click here: BOSS Black Classic Fit Wool Pasolini 2-Button Suit   3. WATCH HUGO BOSS 136 Watch Price: $480 For more information click here: HUGO BOSS 136 Watch   4. CUFFLINKS BOSS[Read More]