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HUGO BOSS’ The Scent Private Accord Is Perfect For A Night Out

A lot of people have one scent that is their go-to scent. However, a lot of scents are more geared towards daytime because of their spritely, energetic aroma. If you are looking for a scent that you can wear after business hours are over, we’ve found it. It’s The Scent Private Accord by Hugo Boss.

After testing it for a couple of weeks now, I have found that it’s the perfect scent for that event, dinner, party, or date night. I find that when my other fragrances fade over the day and I put this on, it’s a scent to bring out the mischief of the evening ahead. It’s the scent I put on when I go to events, end of story.

The Bottle

The Private Accord bottle showcases a transparent, pillared design highlighting the coffee-coloured liquid inside with a dark chocolate brown, polished metal top.


The aroma itself has moderate to long-lasting longevity to it through the evening, perfect for a dinner party or a full night out.


What I like most about this fragrance is that it’s subtle, it’s not a cloud of smoke when you come into the room. The Private Accord is something that is enjoyed with those closest to you. The closer they are, the more they enjoy. It’s perfect for an evening with a loved one or an intriguing scent for a date.

The Eau De Toilette is available in both 50mL ($86) to 100mL ($106). If you do hit the town a lot, the HUGO BOSS The Scent Private Accord, then the 100mL bottle, would be a better choice for you if you enjoy the scent.

The Bottom Line

The HUGO BOSS The Scent Private Accord is a dark and very playful scent, perfect for an evening out. I find that with the warmer tones found in this particular scent that you would tend to wear it on colder nights out, like something in the fall or wintertime. It can be both young and energetic with the cacao undertones, but you can also wear this if you are more of a distinguished figure.

For more information on The Scent Private Accord by HUGO BOSS, be sure to visit their website or try a sample in-store.

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