The Typsim 200M-C Wants To Be Your New Everyday Watch

I find there are three kinds of people who wear watches. The time teller, the everyday carrier and the collector.

The time tellers are the most straightforward. The everyday carrier is someone who wants a watch that they can enjoy day in and day out for a long time. The collector is a curator of different aspects from experience, design, homage, story and fashionable intellect.

To please all three is very difficult. You have to have a story, a good functional product that looks good in as many situations as it can get away with. When I was sent the Typsim 200M-C from Seattle, Washington, I thought to myself, I think we have something here.

Typsim Watches

Before I get into the watch, let’s look into the watch company. Typsim (pronounced tip-sim) is derived from two words, typical and similar. They want that feeling of comfort, familiarity and something that fits into your design life. Something in between fashion and function, like architecture and engineering mindset partnering on your wrist.

With Typsim located Pacific Northwest, you have a lot of dynamic weather, conditions, and landscapes. This makes it a great proving ground for Typsim to see how functional their watches really are. They wish to tell accurate time (which pleases the time teller), build their watches to last (pleasing the everyday carrier), and while showcasing craftsmanship and story (the collector).

Manufacturing The 200M-C

I know some of you will glaze over this part, however, this is one of the most important for watches and watchmaking companies. You want to be diligent to see where brands get their parts from, how they serve, service and protect their movements and take care of you as a customer. They mention that they are sourcing their products from Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United States of America, however, their chronometer certification happens in France. With these worldly operations needed to source these watches, all watches are ultimately designed and assembled and quality checks happen in Seattle before they are sent out to customers.

Enter The Typsim 200M-C (Gilt Dial)

Now that you have learned about this fairly new watchmaking company to the game, it’s time to look at their current flagship offering. The 200M-C was sent to me as a pre-production/prototype model so I could take a good look at it and see what the buzz is about.

What We Like About It

Overall, the design is quite nice. It has that classic diver look with a different, more rounded style to the bezel. The dial is clean and I love that hint of blue from the logo. The 200m text on the dial is a nice tie-in and extension with the colour and adds some nice contrast to the gilt gold details.

I do believe that this could be a great everyday watch. With the tool watch design, the size, colour, water resistance and chronometer certification, it showcases that it can be useful in all sorts of situations while keeping great time. It’s a watch that you can’t really pull off with a suit, but pretty much anything else it can. T-shirt and jeans, golfing attire, dropping the kids off at school, a day at the pool, hiking, or enjoying time on the patio, it really could be a great, stylish companion.

What We Think Could Be Improved

We know that this is a prototype model and there will be changes based on the feedback. Typsim feels very responsive and upfront about that side of things and very open. It may not be the final bracelet of the watch, however, the one that was sent could have been more robust and matched the balance of the watch itself. With its 5-link design, it was light and comfortable but would love to see different strap options (nato strap, etc.) available.

Typsim 200m-c, Watch

The Typsim 200m-C At A Glance

  • 39mm case
  • Lug-to-lug: 47.5mm
  • Lug width: 20mm
  • Height: 12.7mm
  • Stainless steel case, screw-down caseback, screw-down crown
  • 200m of water resistance (20 ATM)
  • Chronometer certified Sellita SW300-1, ISO3159 Tested
  • Central hacking seconds
  • Eco-friendly, luxury box and owner’s manual

The Bottom Line

As the brand expands, looks for other opportunities to bring in design and style, here is what I would love to see in the future iterations. A larger case option, different colourful dials (blue and gold I think would be a knockout), more options with a matching nato strap, anti-reflection coating on their glass, and perhaps something like a GMT option would really expand the brand. Would love to see the other straps available to be showcased on the product page or website as well.

I am looking forward to seeing how this microbrand designs its products, continues its journey and keeps making watches that people want to buy.

The first batch of Typsim 200M-C’s is available now for presale with your choice of Tropic Strap or Erika’s Original MN strap for $1,799 USD / ~ $2,260 CAD. If you are interested in a non-chronometer model with silver instead of the gilt dial, you can always check out the 200M model.

Learn more about the Typsim 200M-C watch here.

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