Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Is A Hybrid Smartwatch With A Battery That Lasts For Months

Looking for an active, large and take-charge hybrid smartwatch that has a battery life longer than most relationships? The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Quartz is just that watch. With a large wrist presence, this Swiss-made hybrid smartwatch packs a large number of features in the crafted digital-analog timepiece.

Right off the bat, it doesn’t look like your typical smartwatch. I personally don’t like the software of the screen trying to mimic a watch’s bezel, hand movements and so on. I feel like the T-Touch Connect Solar really shows the best of both worlds.

The Look & Feel

If you are a fan of larger tactical watches, you will feel at home here.

The biggest jump will come from those who are coming from usually wearing sports watches that are more on the 42mm or less side of things. For my wrist that is on the higher side of 7 inches, the watch feels comfortable and with the titanium and materials they use, it’s quite light as well, which makes it even more manageable.

The watch itself has a great bracelet and clasp on it, making it easy to get adjusted to it. I personally like the design, with the bold red second hand, the markings and the directional featured bezel. I could very easily wear this as a sporty, outdoorsy, activity-focused watch that will look good in really anything besides business attire or formal. It feels like a great nature-filled, weekender watch.

I find that with the design, the ceramic bezel, the titanium case, and the larger thickness, I feel like it can withstand quite the wear and tear as well. This would be a perfect watch if you decide to head up to the cottage for an extended amount of time, on the boat, camping or just enjoying some outdoor biking or skiing.

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar At A Glance

  • Swiss Made
  • Sw-ALPS low-energy operating system – which is compatible with iOS, Android and Huawei
  • Titanium case
  • Diameter 47 mm; thickness 15.3 mm
  • Electronic crown
  • Ceramic bezel
  • Scratch-resistant, tactile sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 100 m (10 ATM)
  • Quartz movement, solar recharge
  • Dial with photovoltaic cells
  • Low-energy MIP (Memory In Pixel) digital screen

The Extended List of Features for the Tissot T-Touch

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar is absolutely packed with features for being a hybrid smartwatch. It’s impressive. In my opinion, this is really a do-anything sports watch. The watch itself has over thirty different functions. Thirty.

It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you a lot of extended features and connectivity. It can send phone and text notifications directly to your wrist.

It has a low-energy MIP (memory in pixel) digital screen which allows you to have quick glances on the time, but also a clear view of all the functions.

The List of Functions of the T-Touch Connect Solar

Altimeter, compass, perpetual calendar, alarm, time, time zones, automatic daylight saving time, timer, chrono split, chrono lap, chrono logbook, step counter, calories burned, distance travelled, barometer, temperature, weather trend, azimuth, notifications, incoming call, connection alerts, security lock, eco mode, and automatic sleep mode.

The T-Touch Connect Solar really is fully loaded.

The Bottom Line

What I really keep coming back to is the solar recharge for a hybrid digital watch. Having a smartwatch last for a full day is an achievement, but having one that lasts for months on end because it’s the ability to recharge from solar power, is outstanding.

It looks great as a tactical sports watch, but it has its limitations, mainly its size. With that, it limits the demographic of people that can enjoy this fully. I would love to see this as a 42mm diameter size to open the doors to a whole group of people, even if the very long battery life takes a bit of a hit. Although I enjoyed the links and clasp of the metal bracelet, I would prefer the red rubber strap, fits in with my wardrobe and I feel like it would suit the watch a little more. I am not a huge fan of how they use the hands of the watch to point at the functions when you select it, taking away from the time functionality, I would just come up with another way of showing it digitally.

Just for the sake of providing more feedback, would love to see the watch have a physical GMT hand as well. I think it would come in handy for world travellers, it does have a digital one, but I feel like the second GMT would really expand it out. Would also be curious to see the temperature range of how much cold or heat it can endure because I think it would be a great hiking or mountaineering watch as well. Also, a blue version would really make it a great consideration to rival some other solid black smartwatches out there.

As you can see from the functions, it has a lot of good uses. If you are an outdoorsy, sporty soul that is looking for a do-everything watch that is either connected or not connected to your smartphone, this watch is a multi-faceted tool watch in so many ways.

For more information about the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Watch, be sure to visit and purchase on their website or buy it off Amazon.

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