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House of Gucci Movie: The Good, The Bad and The Gucci’s

A stylish look at the betrayal, turmoil, family ties and greed behind the household fashion empire, Gucci.

Here is a brief review summing up the film without the use of spoilers, just in case you would like to see it.

The House of Gucci Movie Review

House of Gucci Movie, Adam Driver

Courtesy of House of Gucci Movie

The Good

  • The sets and locations were beautiful and had me wanting to see what they were wearing and where they were going to next
  • I think the direction and edits of the movie were good, kept the plot moving forward with some clever edits
  • Lady Gaga was the star of the movie. She had a performance where if she didn’t sing for a living, I could see her as an actor full time. Wanted to see what she would do next in every scene she was in
  • Jared Leto brought a wildcard feeling and interest to his performance and was fun to watch
  • Although the character wasn’t meant to be too interesting, Adam Driver played the subtleties of a powerful figure very well
  • The cinematography was well done and was great at showcasing the power dynamics and change of power between characters
  • The movie was surprisingly funny at times
  • The makeup artistry of this movie really showed the emotion or pains of the characters very well
  • I am happy that I watched the movie in general and makes for a great date movie

The Bad

  • Some characters seemed more believable than others
  • Some inconsistencies and the plot jumped around a bit
  • Felt like it was 20-25 minutes too long
  • Some of the music felt a bit misplaced in reference to the moment
  • It’s a movie I am not rushing back to see in theatres to see a second time
House of Gucci Movie

Courtesy of House of Gucci Movie

The Gucci’s

  • The Gucci empire was clearly a dynamic one with a type of Yoko Ono / John Lennon storyline to it
  • It was an interesting look at the power and power struggles behind one of the biggest names in fashion
  • Their ability to be stubborn to almost a fault with the old and new world fashion lines was an interesting look at value, quality and integrity
  • It was great to see a theatric storyline of a very eventful period in the heads of Gucci’s behind-the-scenes lives.
  • It was amazing just how much power affects the family business and how many external forces affected the visions of those involved in the main arteries of Gucci
  • I have a different appreciation for the brand new and it shows you just how good Tom Ford was at resurrecting and modernizing Gucci at the time

The House Of Gucci Movie Trailer

If this is the first you are even hearing about the movie or haven’t seen the following trailer, enjoy.

The House of Gucci movie comes out to a theatre near you on November 24, 2021.

The Bottom Line

The House of Gucci movie was just as interesting as it seemed.

As an homage to Gucci through the ages, it was a stylish look of decisions, choices and consequences. If you are someone who loves fashion, you will enjoy this movie. Period pieces, you will enjoy it too. Big Lady Gaga fan? Yes, you will love her in this. I would say this is a nice mix of a luxurious facade with a gritty backstory that most can enjoy. It does have its faults, but I think the pros outweighed the cons to creating a fun movie to watch in theatres. In this case, as well, I think the audience will enjoy it more than the critics.

I want to personally thank Luxardo, Lavazza, Charton Hobbs and Rossa PR who made my pre-screening experience possible. Stay tuned for an excellent recipe from them to warm up your winter blues.

For more information about the House of Gucci Movie, be sure to visit their official website.

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