Celebrating National Rosé Day With The Santa Carolina Reserva Rosé

Today, June 11, 2022, is National Rosé Day in Canada.

National Rosé Day is gaining in popularity over the years with a chilled, refreshing rosé wine being one of the most desirable beverages to accompany a nice, warm and sunny day.

This year, we celebrate with a rosé wine that has been newly released in the LCBO for the first, the Santa Carolina Reserva Rosé.

First Impressions of Santa Carolina Reserva Rosé

Let’s talk about the gorgeous bottle first. Usually, you see a boring white label, add a bit of pink colour, slap a brand logo on it and send it off to the shelves. Santa Carolina really has outdone themselves design-wise, especially for the competitive price point.

The design is seemingly infused into the bottle and really is eye-catching on the shelf of the LCBO.

The wine itself has a beautiful light pink hue, matching perfectly with the vibrant colours of summer. 

Quick Tasting Notes

  • On the Nose: Expressive notes of cherry, raspberry and a light brushing of rose
  • The Palate: A well-balanced tannins and a really nice mouth feel for it being a rosé wine
  • The Finish: Very easy to enjoy and quite refreshing to drink.
  • Price: $13.95 CAD

I mean, in the summertime, there are so many places to enjoy a rosé wine like the Santa Carolina Reserva Rosé. 

You can enjoy it on the balcony, backyard, picnic, or inside cooling off from the heat, or bringing it as a gift for a bbq or backyard pool party. Rosé wine is my go-to gift for a summer party too and I have gifted this quite a lot since it was released.

Chile, where Santa Carolina calls home, is home to some of the best-priced wines in terms of the quality you can get. For a $13.95 wine, it punches high above its weight class and definitely competes with something almost twice its price point.

The Bottom Line

With Santa Carolina becoming the world’s top 7 wine brand in 2022 (according to Wine Intelligence), I can imagine there was a lot of pressure to come up with a rosé in a sea of other rosé wines. However, after enjoying it personally, I can say it is a great wine for my personal palette. I don’t like an overly sweet rosé because it’s on the boundary of it tasting like an alcoholic juice box. However, this is a bit drier, has great acidity and is safe for most rosé lovers I would say to gift.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of summer, the warm weather and cheers to National Rosé Day from an enthusiast with a glass of Santa Carolina Reserva Rosé in their hand.

Click here to see availability for the Santa Carolina Reserva Rosé today on the LCBO website.

Please enjoy responsibly as well.

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