Lucid Air: The Luxury Electric Vehicle That Can Have Up To 1,111 HP

I love when a new car brand enters the Canadian market.

There is something special about having a new experience with a car, a new brand and new ideas.

Lucid Motors is that new, cool kid on the block when it comes to electric vehicles. Especially, luxurious electric vehicles. Like many situations with a new kid on the block, they are garnering a lot of attention, second looks and stirring up trouble. A lot of good trouble. 

When given the opportunity to bring more competition to the automotive space, it’s a big win for the consumer. More options, more choices and more opportunities. 

Lucid Motors is bringing some new thinking to luxury electric vehicles. Where they are almost to a point of taking range anxiety out of the conversation and bringing driver and passenger experience back in.

Lucid Motors

Before we get into the details of Lucid Air, let’s talk about Lucid Motors.

Lucid Motors invited me to take a tour of their latest studio in Toronto at Yorkdale Shopping Centre to see their latest car, the Lucid Air. It’s a beauty with the strong potential to be a beast. Lucid was founded in 2007 with headquarters based in Newark, California with their manufacturing for Lucid Air based in Arizona. They delivered their first model of the Lucid Air in 2021 to their first group of reservations and the company has been sailing ever since, gaining not only respect but great reviews for their Lucid Air.

Enter The Lucid Air

Okay, enough corporate chat, let’s get talk about their flagship car.

Lucid Air Exterior

The Lucid Air is a very subtle, yet strong and refined presence. You can dress it up very well and it’s sleek and unassuming. It’s not as angled, it’s not as low, and it’s not as bold as other powerful electric sports or supercars in the field.

However, when you look at the specs, this family sedan or young professionals daily driver, the Lucid Air could be an absolute highway hellraiser. With the Lucid Air Dream Performance Edition (1,111 HP), you are looking at 0 – 60mph in 2.6 seconds. Hence, a beauty and a beast situation all in the same car. The Lucid Air is more of an ‘if you know, you know’ kind of car, like a luxury watch company that works in small batches that customers love.

Don’t get me wrong, this is more of the kind of electric sports sedan that I would see myself driving. It’s even more beautiful and sleek in person. The long lines and the seamless and streamlined design are not going to age like a two-year-old smartphone, its design has staying power. 

In my opinion, the front of the Lucid Air is one of the strongest in the segment. It doesn’t look like it was a transformed design from a gas-powered car, like just replacing the grill with something carbon fiber, it looks like it has been designing for an electric platform from the ground up. It has a sweeping design that really showcases a strong presence, yet has great details that continue to the side of the car.

The back is where I am usually harshest in my criticism, however, I don’t need to say much in this case with the Lucid Air. The side wraps wide to a more tapered small tail spoiler with very few cut lines for the trunk and back panels to meet. I particularly like the long LED taillight that incorporates the Lucid badge. Very clean.

Instead of having a trunk that pops vertically up, it looks like you are almost taking the whole backend off your car when you lift up the boot. The wider set trunk highlights a much wider and more functional design for storage and space. It’s one of those things I was mentioning before about Lucid having a different way of thinking.

Lucid Air Interior

There is a great connection and feeling between the outside and inside of the Lucid Air. Sometimes you have this strong, sharp outside but a very different feeling inside a car. I find this transition between the outside and the inside driving experience of the car to feel very ‘continued’ and fluid in design.

When you sit in the car, it feels more weighted to the driver, than the passenger’s experience. You have this beautiful dash screen that expands from the left to the right of the steering wheel as the dash continues the design behind it in a seamless way. It’s one of the best screens I have seen in the segment as well. I feel like the screen really keeps you locked into the driver experience and does not distract you with a larger ‘centre-stage’ screen.

Further down by the middle console, you have another screen that is more towards the control of the functions of the cabin. I find that Lucid Motor’s technology, vehicle design and intuitiveness are not only eccentric but very thoughtful.

It’s a very well-rounded package for those who want style, performance and a newer driver experience.

Interior Design Packages

The interior package of the Lucid Air has a similar design language to where it’s built and designed. The California and Arizona vibes are found all throughout the interior design. Where the car is not full black colour, it’s a lighter black or very dark grey. A bit lighter than its radical. Softer. 

An interior space I could describe the interior as is something you would find in a Four Seasons Hotel found on the west coast of the USA (which is very similar to its roots). Dark and light beiges, emphasis on texture, feeling and cohesiveness with the outdoors.

Vegan Leather Option Available

With the highest interior package upgrade, you can enjoy high-quality, vegan leather for your interiors.

Lucid Air Specs

If you are looking for performance, design and function, the Lucid Air is a big challenger in the luxury electric vehicle field.

There are different types and drive packages for the Lucid Air. This includes different prices, ranges, and power breakdowns. The starting price for the Lucid Air Pure starts out at a $105,000 price tag, which is very good for the luxury market.

The sky is the limit with Lucid Air. If you really want power, you’ve got it.

As previously stated, the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance produces a mind-boggling 1,111 hp and all at a price tag of just $229,000.

Here are the other Lucid Air packages that are available right now.

From Lucid Motors Website

The Lucid Motors Studio

Instead of a typical dealership, we are looking at the new wave of ‘studios’ something that can experience, you can see the design principles behind it and experience different touchpoints with the brand.

Everything from a VR experience, to very nice looking merch to interior packages, were on display.

Made the potential buying experience of a Lucid Air more of a visit to a laid-back tech store than a traditional dealership. It was very approachable and not stuffy, especially for a car that can cost north of $200,000 CAD.

The Bottom Line

Although I haven’t had a chance to drive the Lucid Air yet, the driver position, fit and intuitive feeling of the driver’s seat feels natural. I like how Lucid Motors creates a better design by clearly auditing how people use their cars and then aiming to make better decisions for their cars.

I would like to personally welcome Lucid Motors to Canada. The Lucid Air is a beautiful machine and I can’t wait to learn more about how it performs on the Canadian streets. The fact that we have a newer player in the luxury electric vehicle market as it continues to grow in popularity, is exciting. This car is for a few people. The 4-seater build makes it easy for families to upgrade their older hybrid or electric vehicle, and yes it would be a serious upgrade. The Lucid Air is for those who want a very sporty and very, very powerful car in general. Whether you are coming from a sports car, a two-seater, a luxury sedan or an SUV, it’s hard to complain about the power and excitement you would get from a high-powered electric vehicle, like the Lucid Air.

If you would like to learn more about Lucid Motors, please visit their website.

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