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Amala Carpets Bring Eco-Friendly Luxury Carpets to Canada

[S]o, you are in your home and you are looking down at the carpet, you might see a 1970’s flashback or you might see a more traditional style. Maybe it’s time for a change, maybe it’s time for a more luxurious carpet. Carpeting can be great for selling a house, making a room look fresh and new, and provide warmth to a room.

Amala Carpets have introduced their brand to Canada from Nepal and are looking to bring quality materials, transitional, traditional, and contemporary designs to the Canadian public. Amala uses eco-friendly and custom made designs to really offer something different.

Amala’s carpets are manufactured using techniques that are five generations old, but designed a modern style in mind. What is really interesting about Amala’s carpets is that each design is one-of-a-kind and Amala offers personal consultation to help you create the perfect space.

“Carpet making has been part of my family for generations,” said Shan Shrestha, Principal,
Amala Carpets. “Quality, beauty and unique craftsmanship is our heritage and our entry into the
market offers Canadians the opportunity to experience our personalized approach for those
looking for luxurious carpets.”

Amala is a fairly new company, starting in 2011, but hope to really provide their customers with carpets tailored and specifically made to the orders of the customer. Amala can also match any design concept to make the perfect carpet combination every time. Their manufacturing is eco-friendly, which conserves energy and natural resources.

These beautiful carpets are inspired by nature, and handcrafted by traditional artisans to create a durable product that can be passed down through generations.

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