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The Conquest Evade

Price: $579,000

Are you looking for a Sport Utility Vehicle that is luxurious, but other more vehicles just haven’t satisfied your needs?

The new Conquest Evade has the answer for you. The Evade is something to talk about due to it’s precision, handcrafted design, and strong styling that sets a new standard for luxury in Sport Utility Vehicles.

The design and aesthetics are aggressive and black paint job really brings out the shimmering details and extras of this terrific machine. The body, styling and design work of the new Evade brings new headlights and taillights while the redesigned front grille will put a lasting impression on the people looking at it from the front or from the rear mirror.

The Conquest Evade has a wider body than the Conquest Knight XV, but it makes up for it with a 400 cubic feet, military inspired, but ergonomically designed interior. The cabin design is fitted with touch screen technology for both the driver and passenger to utilize.

The 2+2 style seating will make you feel like you are riding in a limousine while the two-electronic style reclining seats with a retractable flat screen television and laptop trays will make you feel like you are riding on a first class aircraft.

A third sunroof was added to give you plenty of light while you are reading or have your eyes glued to a laptop for the duration of your ride.

The Evade uses composite materials, high-grade leather and alcantara and different metal materials to complete the inside of the cabin.

What puts Conquest above the rest in the SUV market are the elements of the car that have been handcrafted for that extra set of details that separate the Evade from the pack.

The Conquest Evade is built on a Ford F550 Super Duty chassis, with an aluminum body that makes it much lighter than it’s brother, the armoured Conquest Knight XV.

Conquest is based in Toronto, Ontario and if you are looking to buy one, find their information below!

Toronto, Canada



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