Enjoying A Toast To American Whiskey At Trinity Market

On the eve of Bourbon Day, the bustling neighbourhood of Queen West, which houses the dynamic Trinity Market, buzzed with anticipation. Not just any anticipation, but the kind that excites every whiskey connoisseur, new whiskeys to try and enjoy. This is the day that unites lovers of American Whiskey across the globe, and where better to honour it than at Trinity Market, a vibrant culinary hub for the area.

Trinity Market x Cheers! American Spirits Collaboration

On National Bourbon Day, Trinity Market collaborated with Cheers! American Spirits to bring a unique event— a Sip School that centers around the diverse world of American Whiskey.

As soon as we stepped into Trinity Market, we were greeted with smiles from the friendly staff and a welcome cocktail. It was a hot day, so having a nice and refreshing Dashlight was perfectly timed. A Dashlight is a delicious summer cocktail with equal parts Aperol, and bourbon (Wild Turkey Bourbon would be my choice for this), topped with soda and put in an orange slice for good measure.

Picture yourself embarking on a rich and flavourful journey through the boldness of American rye and corn spirits. Here, variety takes center stage with a roster including bourbons, American rye, Tennessee whiskey, and exclusive American single malts, some of which have not even graced Canadian soil until now.

Meet Chef Matt Dean Pettit

Our hosts for the night were none other than the culinary dynamic Chef Matt Dean Pettit, and the charismatic Sean Buckingham representing from Cheers! American Spirits. Donning the hats of whiskey journeymen, they guided a room full of enthusiasts through the labyrinth of liquors, decoding the complexities, and sharing insights that will leave you richer in knowledge and appreciation for the alluring world of whiskey.

The Tasting Journey: BBQ Bites, Cheeses, and Treats

Adding another layer of allure to this event is the gourmet pairing menu. Synonymous with Trinity Market’s reputation for quality, this menu features a curated selection of BBQ bites, local pizza, and other delectable treats. Each morsel is specially designed to complement the flavour profiles of the spirits, elevating your tasting experience to an entirely new dimension.

More Than Just A One-Night Affair: The 10-Day American Whiskey Sip School

If you’re worried about missing this whiskey wonder on Wednesday, breathe easy! Trinity Market extends its celebrations beyond just one night. The American Whiskey Sip School will run for a total of ten days, right up until the 25th. With a wallet-friendly price tag of only $30, it presents an unbeatable opportunity to delve deeper into the spirit of our southern neighbours.

Location and Other Details

Ready to immerse yourself in this extraordinary American Whiskey experience? Visit Trinity Market at 768A Queen St. W in Toronto, ON. The promise of a memorable Bourbon Day and beyond awaits you.

My Favourite Whiskeys From The Night

Uncle Nearest 1884

Type: Tennessee Whiskey

Profile: If you like bourbon, it’s time to venture into Tennessee whiskey country. Sweet like honey, but with some heat to accompany it.

When to enjoy: Perfect for summer BBQs, smoked meat and enjoy some sports on the TV.

Is it available in Canada? Not quite, but the Uncle Nearest 1856 is!

Westland American Single Malt Whiskey

Type: American Single Malt

Profile: If you like topaz, spicy and sweet, along with a finish as satisfying as a great handshake, this is yours.

When to enjoy: Perfect for pairing with something sweet, like apple pie.

Is it available in Canada? Not yet.

The Representative By Proof & Wood

Type: Bourbon

Profile: If you like dark golden, sharp and smokey aromas mixed with a long and slow burn for a taste and finish, this is the one.

When to enjoy: At the end of the night when you want to enjoy something that will bite back a bit.

Is it available in Canada? Not yet.

The Bottom Line

As a whiskey fan, I really enjoyed celebrating Bourbon Day at Trinity Market, in collaboration with Cheers! American Spirits. To me, it wasn’t just an event, but it was more of a journey through the USA and the great spirits they have to offer. An excursion that transcends borders, giving you a taste of American rye, Tennessee whiskey, exclusive American single malts, and, of course, my favourite, bourbon. This event serves as your passport to the world of American Whiskey, marrying the spirit of celebration with the joy of learning. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, this is one voyage you don’t want to miss. Please enjoy responsibly.

Learn more about Cheers! American Spirits and stop by Trinity Market to try a new favourite spirit or food item.

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