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Corcel: The Carbon Bathtub

Tired of the classic white bathroom? It’s time for a change.

N° 1 Limited Edition by Corcel is something to awe over.

Enter The CORCEL Carbon Fiber Bathtub: N°1

Not only is it relaxing as it’s main function, being a great bathtub, but it has a look that you just can’t beat. Imagine seeing this in a master bathroom during an open house, it might make you buy the rest of the home because of it!

Unique shape, design, appearance, and build with carbon makes it a unique tub for any home.

Corcel 2


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a bathtub that has that wow factor. That really makes a statement in your bathroom.

Be sure you took into adding the Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub to your home.

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