Her By Burberry: The Rebellious And Fun New Spirited Scent

Your scent can be something that draws people in, giving you confidence even when you pass someone or intriguing those around you. There is a lot of serious scents out there, but which can embody a fun and life-loving spirit?
Her Eau de Parfum from Burberry is just that scent. I would describe it as a rebellious look with a touch of classic. Much like edgy makeup and hair with a classic Burberry trenchcoat. Or a woman wearing a tuxedo and top hat instead of a gown at a Royal Wedding.
It’s a spirited, confident scent with a nice, sweet surprise. This is Burberry’s first fragrance featuring a British twist, a puff of red and dark berry notes followed closely by a woody finish.
The fragrance is energetic, makes you want to hit the town despite the weather out and if you are smelling good than you are feeling even better. The fun-loving scent brings an aspect of taking on the town, hence the rebellious reference to it.
View more about the spirit of Her, starring Cara Delevingne captured by Juergen Teller.

The bottle itself is a departure of Burberry’s other fragrance bottles. It’s an understated bottle that reminds me of bottles designed around the 1940’s. It doesn’t take up that much space on your counter or closet but has a simplicity to it that makes you want to reach for the bottle, especially for it’s nice, pink-hued liquid inside that’s waiting to get out.

The Bottom Line

This a scent for a spirited person. Or it could be a scent for someone looking to add a little liveliness to how they carry themselves. There is something optimistic about the scent, that really picks you up when you are looking for some energy. It’s a great during the day scent, however not something that I would recommend wearing at night unless your outfit was just as colorful as the fragrance. Her by Burberry is available in 30 mL, 50mL and 100mL bottles and make a great gift for the upcoming gift-giving season, you can even have the bottle monogrammed to make the fragrance tailored to you or that special someone.
This would be a great extension to the idea of a His & Hers fragrance pairing, especially with the recently released Mr. Burberry Indigo cologne for men, as well.
For more information on Her by Burberry, be sure to visit their website where you can purchase and have the bottle monogrammed before it’s shipped over to you.

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