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Grand Mariner Hosts Dinner At The Ritz-Carlton From The Year 1900

What would it be like go back in time and dine at the Ritz back in the year, 1900? Enjoy what the patrons experienced in Paris experienced over 100 years ago?

See the classic architecture, well-presented, and knowledgeable people surrounding you from different backgrounds.

Enjoy the food, service, and beverages showcased in an ordered fashion, from the synchronized plating by several servers at once, to the well-timed courses. Orchestrated, timed and ordered to feel like you are well taken care of throughout the whole evening.

Having a meal like that would be an interesting dining experience that would really be unique to this day and age.

As an inspiration, Grand Marnier wanted to take this idea and make it into a reality, providing a look back in time, paying homage to a time of friendship and the feeling of upscale dining between the Ritz and Grand Marnier.

Before we get to the dinner, a little context first. Before Grand Marnier filled glass shelves behind bartenders and drinking cabinets in homes all over the world, it started as a small tale between two cities, Paris and Cognac.

At the time, Grand Marnier was actually called Curaçao Marnier, however, César Ritz, a close personal friend of the original blender, Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, suggested the name change to Grand Marnier, after being invited to try it. He insisted that, at the time, the new liquid have ‘a grand name for a grand liqueur’. History followed after.

As the popularity of both brands started to grow stronger, Grand Marnier was put in every hotel as the Ritz empire expanded, complimenting the luxury dining experience that César Ritz wanted to create in their hotels.

The Grand Marnier Dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto

As an homage to the lovely, hospitable French connection, Grand Marnier and Ritz-Carlton Toronto teamed up once again to create a wonderful culinary experience. With beautiful food from Ritz-Carlton Toronto and wonderful spirits and cocktails from Grand Marnier, all inspired by the dining experience of the year 1900.

You may recognize the well-dressed man pictured below from our story, Experiencing A Full History Of Grand Marnier With Patrick Raguenaud. It was nice to see Grand Marnier’s Master Blender, Mr. Raguenaud, again as he took us through the different checkpoints for each of the Grand Marnier beverages throughout our meal.

Here is the dinner from our plate-of-view.

We finished the table of culinary delight with a small glass blown experience of one of my personal favourites in the Grand Marnier lineup, the exceptional Cuvée Quintessence.

The Bottom Line

I enjoyed many aspects of the food and drink served at this, but one of the things I value most out of this evening is the friendship between Ritz and Grand Marnier. The relationship that has spanned over 100 years.

It’s very rare to have a brand friendship that spans for that long and compliment each other so well. Each building off each other. Grand Marnier’s orange-accented cognac building off the hotel’s atmosphere, while Ritz’s dining experience complemented by a delicious and complex tasting cognac. It was a uniquely delicious and spirited event that had me looking back to a time where it all started. Both brands have come a long way and it’s something that I was happy to be included in a privileged experience.

Thank you for the experience and for the invitation, Grand Marnier and for Ritz-Carlton Toronto for their hospitality.

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