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Grand Mariner Hosts Dinner At The Ritz-Carlton From The Year 1900

What would it be like go back in time and dine at the Ritz back in the year, 1900? Enjoy what the patrons experienced in Paris experienced over 100 years ago? See the classic architecture, well-presented, and knowledgeable people surrounding you from different backgrounds. Enjoy the food, service, and beverages showcased in an ordered fashion, from the synchronized plating by several servers at once, to the well-timed courses. Orchestrated, timed and ordered to feel like you are well taken care of throughout the whole evening. Having a meal like that would be an interesting dining experience that would really be unique[Read More]

Experiencing A Full History Of Grand Marnier With Patrick Raguenaud

Patience. Lots of it. That’s what it takes to develop something of real quality. Taking your time with each step of the process to really craft it into the desired completion. In order to make something to stand the test of time and make all of that patience worth it, you must first look at what you can do to make your crafted product stand out. Grand Marnier has these values really stapled into their long history. The fundamentals of Grand Marnier stem from their environment. Or should I say environments. The founding father of Grand Marnier, Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, spent[Read More]