Raising A Gin & Tonic To Celebrating Hayman’s Long-Standing History Of Crafting Gin

How do you take your gin?

I had the pleasure of celebrating the long, extended heritage of Hayman’s Gin at Oretta in Toronto, ON. It was an event that showcased the fascinating history of the famous gin brand and is a direct throughline to the origins of gin in London, UK, especially dry gin.

Enter Hayman’s Gin of London

Hayman’s Gin is currently the only gin being distilled in London, UK.

Hayman’s Gin has been around since 1863 and they mentioned that if the original founders came through their location, they would mention that the London Dry Gin would have tasted the same as the one that was originally made. A direct taste and throughline back to the very beginnings that you can enjoy today.

We had the opportunity to sample four of their gins, both straight up and within cocktails.

I prefer a more floral and botanical gin, however, the Sloe Gin was very tasty and something that would be enjoyed for a while.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the Father and Son, Christopher and James Hayman, both catalysts for driving the brand further and the blood line to the history and start of the company itself.

The Hayman’s 50th Anniversary Rare Cut Gin was just being released and I had the opportunity to have a taste. A very smooth and highly recommended gin to add to your cabinet.

See my photos from the Hayman’s Gin event below: 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Hayman’s Gin, their heritage and impacts on gin in the industry are undeniable. The fact you can taste a product pretty much in the same way that some one hundred years earlier is an amazing experience on its own. Although strong in tradition, Hayman’s of London is constantly innovating and coming out with more signature dry gins that have stood the test of time and the time of taste. These are timeless gins that are celebrated for hundreds of years and are welcomed on Canadian shelves. It was great to meet the generations personally that have made this a worldwide brand and I look forward to seeing how the future generations carry through Hayman’s name.

For more information about the different types of spirits that Hayman’s Gin offers, or their history and heritage, be sure to visit their website.