Savouring The Delectable Moments At Home With Lindt Chocolate

Lindt chocolate loves the holidays and enjoys helping you with gift ideas for this special time of year.

Although the nature of these special occasions may look and feel different than last year, the holidays are always about enjoying time with those closest and indulging in great moments of joy.

Some holiday traditions may be seen in a new light, but buying someone a gift or showing your appreciation for them is always in style in the holidays.

Savouring Lindt Chocolate

What I love about Lindt is that they have such different form factors when it comes to their products. I was lucky enough to be sent a ranging variety of Lindt’s line-ups of chocolate from their Excellence chocolate bar collection, LINDOR chocolates, gift boxes, and their always popular, Lindt Teddy.

Lindt Chocolate 2020 Swiss Chocolate Box

I do believe there are different chocolates for different situations.

Something like enjoying Lindt’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar from their Excellence collection is great for a lovely night in mixed with a nice Merlot as a great and that flavourful treat. However, for the gifting season approaching, you might be looking for something more festive.

Unless you know the person’s chocolate preferences, a safe bet would be any of the Assorted chocolate bags or gift boxes. They are a classic go-to for a reason.

The one I found to be most surprising after being a Lindt fan for many years was the Dulce de Leche Milk Chocolate Truffles, they provided a nice smooth and flavourful difference from the classic white, dark, and milk chocolate that you would find in the assorted package.

If you want to indulge and have all the great flavour of Swiss chocolate luxury from Lindt, but in a smaller size, the Mini Pralinés gift box is a great alternative as well, especially if it’s to a singular person.

I know I am a bit of an anomaly but the darker the chocolate the better for me. 70% is a great all-around starter to enjoy into the realm of dark chocolate, but you can find me at with the 99% Cacao Dark Chocolate from their Excellence collection.

LXRY’s Simple Guide For Holiday Gift Giving

Lindt Chocolate Mini Pralinés

For that singular person, a nice present for an extended family member.

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LINDOR Chocolate Assorted Chocolates

Great for families, businesses, and friends.

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Lindt Teddy

Great for kids and for those who feel young at heart.

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Excellence Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

Great for stocking stuffers and add-ons to other gifts.

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Lindt Chocolate Teddy Bear For Kids

The Bottom Line

Treat yourself to a mix of different types of chocolates from Lindt.

They are currently offering home delivery as well to make things even easier for the holiday season and to enjoy those special days even more conveniently. If you want to have more fun and spend an afternoon enjoying your Lindt chocolate, try one of their Lindt recipes to change it up.

Choose to shop and receive home deliveries from Lindt Chocolate online through their website or check the store hours and operating hours of a Lindt Chocolate Shop near you. Have a chocolatey holiday from all of us at LXRY!

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