Relaxing Fully In The Award-Winning Spa At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

You never know when you need a massage until you have had one. Additionally, you never know when you needed to relax until you are relaxed.

For many months, like many of you, I was working from home, countless hours at the desk, endless zoom calls, and not a lot of time spent at the gym. I haven’t seen a spa, masseuse, or anything related to that in months and it showed with how tense I was feeling each day.

I was immediately realizing that I needed a day of full-recovery and relaxation to combat this and the spa at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto came to mind. I have always had heard great things about the treatments there, so I wanted to try it for myself.

The Spa My Blend at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto really aims to personalize its experience for you.

I found that sense of personalization throughout my communication with the staff and the masseuse when she allowed me to pick aromatic scents, where my tensions were, and more. I felt like the spa treatment was specifically catered to me and what I needed.

About Spa My Blend At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

The 23,000 sq.ft. space boasts 16 treatment rooms, an aromatic infused vitality pool, a co-ed relaxed lounging sanctuary, and relaxation lounges before you go to your treatment rooms. From the clean locker room areas to the lounging spaces beforehand to the spacious treatment rooms and the co-ed lounge space, it was all designed with personal relaxation in mind.

The Spa My Blend by Clarins showcases productive that is based in Paris but only exclusively showcased in the Americas and at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

If you are looking for different types of treatments, the Spa My Blend includes a Champagne Nail Bar, couples-focused Cloud 9 suites, and much more for a day of relaxation or a quicker recovery or aesthetics treatment.

Treatments at Spa My Blend

Personally, I work a lot in front of my computer, walk and run a lot for longer distances, so for me, the 60-minute Swedish Massage was a great and relaxing experience. It was the best massage I have had to date. My masseuse was very technical and really understood the working situations and how to treat them. She actually has worked in different tropical and high-end spas and countries around the world for over 15 years and likes it there the most.

I spoke with The Ritz-Carlton Toronto about what they are offering at this moment and it looks like a very nice arrangement.

Featured Spa Packages At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

The featured spa treatments that The Ritz-Carlton Toronto has put together are perfect for people who are working, need a detoxing, have work stresses that are getting away from them, or need some recovery time. Each package is offering a $100+ hotel experience credit that we think you should devote fully to the Spa My Blend by Clarins for that extra little bit of enjoyment for your staycation.

1/ The  “Staycation” Package

For The Ritz-Carlton Toronto, rates are starting at $587 (complimentary upgrade to a corner suite) for Marriott Bonvoy members or $599 for non-members, includes a $150 hotel experience credit, early check-in, and late check-out for the hotel.

2/ The Work Anywhere Stay Pass Package

Working from home? Discover the luxury of working from one of our newly renovated guestrooms, where you will enjoy the perfect setting for your online meetings or projects. Enjoy a daily $100 CAD hotel credit for your in-room dining and savour the flavours of handcrafted cuisine by our Ritz-Carlton, Toronto chefs.

  • 36-hour stay: 6 am check-in, 6 pm check-out
  • Reset and refresh with a $100 CAD Hotel Experience Credit per day. Take your break with coffee, cocktails & bites from our extensive In-Room Dining menu created by our chefs to get you back to your most productive self.
  • Private workspace (desk and chair)
  • Daily Bottled water
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi and connectivity

For more spa packages, be sure to visit their website.

The Bottom Line

This year has been an interesting one for many and a lot of people are experiencing stress and new forms of stress they haven’t been used to before. When this circles back to asking yourself the questions, do you feel stressed? Could you be feeling better with treatment? Is it long overdue?

These featured spa packages, in my opinion, speak to exactly what people need right now, an amazing change of scenery, some downtime, some relaxation, and some recharging.

If you are interested in booking one of these treatments for the Spa My Blend by Clarins at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto, be sure to visit their website. Call and communicate ahead of time with The Ritz-Carlton Toronto to make sure these relaxing experiences are available.

Book or schedule your treatment online now.

Photos: Ritz-Carlton Toronto

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