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Canadian F1 Driver Lance Stroll Gets Pole Position At Turkish GP

In Formula 1 racing news, Canadian Lance Stroll gets pole position at the Turkish GP.

The Racing Point F1 driver strolled around the track in an impressive time of 1:46:765. Normally, for a dry version of the track that wouldn’t be that impressive. In today’s qualifying, the track was soaking wet, making it incredibly difficult to get around the race track without spinning or exceeding track limits countless times.

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Many drivers throughout the session were struggling even with the extreme wet tires, including Lance Stroll in the earlier qualifying sessions. However, as the track dried out, the tires held more grip in the corners, and in the middle of the final Q3 session switch to the Intermediate Pirelli tires. It was clear that was the right decision with Sergio Perez, Stroll’s teammate put up an impressive time on the Intermediate tire. Then after Stroll pitted and switched to the Intermediate tires as well, and became a contender against the mighty Max Verstappen, who proved in all sessions up to the last one, he is a superior driver in the wet conditions with his Red Bull Aston Martin F1 car.

Stroll then celebrated with the emotional team and celebrated his unexpected pole position.

This has been a phenomenal season for Formula 1 with the schedule changes, cold weather, new tracks that most drivers have never raced on, and unbelievable results. Which will make for an amazing upcoming season of the popular Netflix show, Drive to Survive. If you haven’t seen it, it’s highly recommended that you do.

I heard a fact that was said on the live broadcast of the Formula 1 qualifying that this was the first time a Canadian has been in pole position since the year 1997 by Jacques Villeneuve. These were the years that I loved watching Formula 1 racing, but to see a Canadian beat out many members of the talented grid, including an incoming 7x world champion, was quite special.

The Bottom Line

With a talented (and young) Lance Stroll getting his first pole position, he proved to be a strong competitor to the grid today and it could lead to his first win ever in Formula 1. I, for one, am excited to see a Canadian on pole position and very proud to see him advance since the time I was invited to the global launch of the Racing Point F1 Team a few years ago. They have come a long way, Lance Stroll has come a long way, and Canadian racing has now come a long way. Congratulations to Lance Stroll and the Racing Point F1 team for their incredible show today and best of luck in tomorrow’s Turkish Grand Prix.

Photos by Formula 1.

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