Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting Is Perfect For Backyard Parties And Patios

With summer and good weather still in full swing, people are spending as much time outside as possible in Canada. We endured a long winter and the hot weather is certainly and always welcome. In order for us to maximize our time outside, we have activities morning until night. From coffee to cocktails throughout the day to lovely group dinners with friends or family at night.

Enter Philips Smart Outdoor Hue Lighting

Here is your chance, your opportunity to create and curate the perfect environment and ambiance outdoors with Philips Outdoor Hue Lighting. A lot of people have great patio sets, but most of the time you are left with mosquito candles or lights from indoors casting shadows on your night on your patio.

If you are planning to have people over, match the mood and energy with Philips Outdoor Hue lighting. Hue Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of different colours that match what you are trying to curate.

Adjust your environment to hundreds of different colour combinations.

If you are planning to be discreet with your lighting, something like the Hue Outdoor Lightstrips is perfect for that.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting has a variety of lighting options that you can use for the outside of your home, from pot lights to light strips, there’s something for everyone.

Create different kinds of ambiance and cover more area with the Hue Lily Spotlight, a spotlight that extends the range, perfect for a larger back yard or to bounce off a big wall in your front or backyard. 

Enjoy Romantic Dinners or a More Relaxing Backyard Escape

For more of intimate design and look, you have the ability to really set a tone, or otherwise, with the Econic Outdoor Wall Light. If you have a few of these on either side, you can choose your hue and set more of a romantic tone for your dinners and more feel to your meals.

All you need to do is set up the lights with you Philips Light Bridge, connect the app to your smartphone and control the lights, the colours, tone, levels, and theme from the palm of your hand.

If you are looking to use the lights as more of a side door warning light if you are out in the country or in the city, you Philips also has an outdoor sensor that you can use to warn off guests that are uninvited. Everything is motion-tracked, much like any other lights you have seen, but in this way, you can set a timer or even make it look like you are home with a couple taps from the app.

The Bottom Line

With summer in full swing, there are big and small options for showcasing, highlighting, setting a tone, and setting a protecting barrier between you and your home with Philips Outdoor Hue lights. We love the range of lights from small condos utilizing the light strips to larger properties outside of the city using the spotlights and outdoor sensors.

For more information about Philips Smart Outdoor Hue Lighting, be sure to visit their website.

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