Stella Artois Chefs Plate Host One To Remember-14

Stella Artois and Chefs Plate Host One To Remember On Toronto’s Bridle Path

A garden party is one thing. Hosting a memorable garden party is another.

Stella Artois and Chefs Plate decided to Host One To Remember at this spectacular house on The Bridle Path, with a rich, manicured backyard that almost felt like we were around a French Chateau, than a mansion in Toronto.

There was a romantic aspect as the floral scents of flowers and music from a four-piece jazz band filled the air on the top level.

As you stepped down the stone curved stairways, you find yourself looking at three long tables that almost seemingly take up the whole length of the backyard acreage.

We had some glasses of golden beer that was sharply cut across the gold rim of the iconic Stella Artois’ chalice as the foam spilled to the sides.

As the evening started to fall, we were told to go to our tables in which we were seated around some of our favourite bloggers.

Just as we sat down, we all turned to hear what one of our hosts had to say.

It was interior designing star, Nate Berkus, talking about the table setting and environment he designed for us to enjoy for dinner ahead.

Afterwards, we heard from the one of Toronto’s best restaurants’ head chef, Chef Peter Kriss from Alo.

After a very beautifully plated multiple-course meal, we enjoyed a few more Stella Artois’ and then it was time to depart, sadly saying goodbye to another beautiful home on the Bridle Path.

The Bottom Line

What makes a event to remember?

We like to think it has the following ingredients: beautiful table settings, wonderful food and beverage in a beautiful place with the people you have the best conversations with.

We would like to thank Stella Artois and Chefs Plate for having us, and to Nate Berkus and Chef Peter Kriss for their lovely service and decor.

Behind The Scenes

Chef Peter Kriss, Stella Artois and Chefs Plate all partnered up for quite the experience.

We were told after the event to take the promo code, put it on Chefs Plate to try their service. We loved the experience. The ingredients were delivered to our front door (with the special edition Chef Peter Kriss ‘Host One To Remember’ box) and we made a beautiful Chicken dish with potatoes, asparagus and parmesan cheese.

From there we get 4, two-person meals per week and we have been enjoying it ever since the garden party.

To try Chefs Plate, be sure to click through the link: LXRY X Chefs Plate