LXRY Previews: Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week

Starting today, World MasterCard Fashion Week (FSHN WK) 2012 is happening in Toronto at David Pecaut Square now until the 16th.

Major designers prep for one busy and fashionable week, showcasing their newest designs, fabrics and dressed-up models branded with each designer’s signature style.

World MasterCard Fashion Week

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The Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) has organized Wold MasterCard Fashion Week that will add an exciting and vibrant energy to Toronto this week. This event will house more than 30,000 industry professionals and lots of photographers, bloggers, and social media fashionistas under the large entertainment tent at David Pecaut Square.

You can follow the FDCC’s Daniel Robert Wilson as he discusses what is happening on the streets of Toronto through his social media channels.

Here is a list of some of the designers that are going to be present for the big week.

Here is the schedule:

World MasterCard Fashion Week

Here is where World MasterCard Fashion Week 2012 is happening:

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Follow Daniel Wilson at FDCC’s WMC Fashion Week here:


World MasterCard Fashion Week

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