GUESS Festival Collection

GUESS Rocks The Retro At Their Festival Collection Launch Party

Last night we attended the GUESS launch party for their new Festival Collection, bringing back nostalgic designs and pairing it with 2013 spring fashion trends. The event was at their high-ceilinged, two-storey GUESS store on Queen Street West in Toronto.

GUESS Festival Collection
First Impressions

Approaching the glass branded GUESS building on busy Queen Street West, the transparent doors opened to a wide and tall space with white coloured walls and floors refocused your eyes to look towards the sky-patterned backgrounds and brightly coloured clothing. We were greeted and grabbed the first GUESS branded lemonade we could find. Have to stay hydrated, there was a lot of mingling to do.

The event brought a different, fashionable and colour-wearing crowd compared to the last GC Smart Luxury Event from last week. You could find yourself talking fashion and conversing with everyone from magazine editors, Shoe and Bag designers, Bloggers, and fashionistas before having some downtime to look at the new collection.

GUESS Festival Collection

After the meet and great, seeing some people that you haven’t seen in a while, it was nice to look around to see what GUESS was up to with their Festival Collection. As a music fans of the previous eras, we appreciate the mix of traditional classics mixed with new designs. We saw a mix of classic iconic faces John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix mixed with a variety of denims to make the person opposite of you focus on the 1960’s flavoured design that you are sporting as a focal point.

GUESS Festival Collection

Going up stairs looking back on the first floor, you could get a scope of the people that were there, each person wearing something representing their personalities. Then moving to the second floor, to the left was DJ beats putting on music that really matched the atmosphere of the room.

GUESS Festival Collection

Blo was also there, helping people primp up their hair, getting you in the mood to continue to improve your look while new clothing was temptingly displayed around the store. To the right was the Men’s section, a mix of both traditional and classic styles of GUESS attire mixed in with the new Festival Collection. The photo booth at the back of the second floor gathered a bunch of people for their ’30 seconds of photographer fame.’

GUESS Festival Collection

The Bottom Line

Overall, it was a great night with people trying on, buying clothes and sipping on some summer drinks. With questionable ‘spring’ weather we have been experiencing recently, it was a nice event to greet the spring and summer months new bright and warm weather designs. The space was well traveled by attendees and conversation was grooving. The Festival Collection looks great for anyone who is interested in getting their music festival fix with clothing inspired by one of the best music and art inspired eras ever.

Where the GUESS Rocks was located:

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364 Queen St W,

Toronto, ON

M5V 2A4

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