Carving Through Tofino’s Coastline In A 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

Driving in Canada can be spectacular.

I often forget just how beautiful the terrain and nature is. The winding roads, mountainous areas, coastal views and elevations from straightforward to curvy in every way. British Columbia is a great testing ground for a car. You have everything from extreme natural structures and landscape and some of the smoothest roads in Canada.

I was flown out to British Columbia to try the different personalities of Tofino’s roads. Everything from cliffside paths, forest surrounded two-lane pathways, to logging roads and beach-side sand-covered asphalt.

To tackle this challenge, we drove the new, and newly created, 2019 Lincoln Nautilus.

The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is a mid-sized crossover that follows suit in the total change of the Lincoln line-up from old(er) split-wing designs, to a new, aged styling that crafts a terrific aesthetic.

First Impressions

The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus has very nice styling, the somewhat tapered profile reminds me of a boat’s shape has it falls off past the back of the vehicle. It’s a good size too. Great for a small family, couple or if you want to sail solo.

Comparing the Lincoln Navigator Reserve, it almost seems like a small SUV, but you can comfortably fit equipment and five people in it.

Talking with the Lincoln representatives, they are continuing the nautical theme by drawing themes, movements, interior and exterior inspiration by yacht design. As soon as you sit in the new Nautilus, there is not much of a learning curve to get used to it. Since reviewing and enjoying the new changeover design, I have felt very comfortable in the beautiful new interiors.

The first thing you notice after putting the car into gear from a touch of a button and starting rolling is the good amount of pep off-the-line.

It seems to have all the same great features that new Lincoln cars have but just in a slightly different chassis compared to the rest of the line-up. You have the same great massage seats, fuel economy, comfortable, leather and wood-trimmed interior, initiative navigation system and well-rounded feeling of driving. However, especially for Canadians, a big plus is the flexibility of having it as a crossover for the radically different weather conditions.

After driving the MKZ Reserve 3.0L and Lincoln Navigator, it seems like it’s a great balance between sedan and SUV. The crossover is a strong utility to have, especially in the Canadian weather range. I enjoyed the big, almost panoramic sunroof with the windows down to let in the summer air. I also enjoyed the bigger presence for people to let you in on the highway and the taller driver position.

Comparing City and Country Living

For city living, the Lincoln Nautilus brings the feeling of the sedan but just the extra storage and height. I know when I carry equipment for big photo and video shoots, running events or prepping for an up-north adventure and it can easily eat all of my equipment no problem.

For country living, the car itself is great for traveling around town. What I was most surprised is how it handled in more of a wilderness setting.

Off-Roading On Old Logging Roads

Around Tofino, British Columbia, there is a lot of construction and logging roads. We decided to try to explore and get some scenic photos of both wide roads, huge trees cut down to the left and right side of me and massive 100-year-old trees that patterned the rest of the viewpoint from either side of the car.

Getting to these logging roads was difficult, challenging. Can this crossover have the mindset of an SUV when obstacles get in the way?

We found out.

The answer?


For something that wasn’t typically an off-road vehicle, it handled the tight, single car gravel roads very well. The road was completely flooded at times and it felt like we were looking at driving through a small above ground pool, not knowing the water’s depth. It performed very well under those conditions and was very impressive. It’s always good to know what your car can do, just in case you really put your trust in your vehicle.

Lots of Canadians face tough road conditions, whether it’s something resembling a logging road or even big city potholes. It’s always good to know how your car will handle the challenge and the Lincoln Nautilus took every obstacle as just another piece of road.

I mean, if the Lincoln Nautilus could handle an old logging road, it could undoubtedly handle any local city or suburban streets. The cornering goes unnoticed throughout your drive, the car is very nimble and agile.

Technology Complimenting The Driver’s Experience

When it comes to the Nautilus, there are a couple of things that stand out when it comes to the driver’s experience.

We have gotten past the car’s abilities and capabilities as a traditional vehicle, but things in the automotive industry have changed. People want a car easy to drive that fits their needs and lifestyle completely. Over recent years, car companies have been more focused on the lifestyle of the users, seeing every which way cars can be embedded netter into every day lives.

It’s made car manufacturers think more about how users drive their cars more than ever and adapt technology to hopefully anticipate needs of the users, but also have long-lasting technology for as long as the user owns the car. Lincoln has focused and seemed to have really listened to their customers and adapted technology to the car owner that adds to the experience. Their Lincoln Way app allows you to start your car from your cell phone and even schedule when you want your car to start and warm up your vehicle, like the new Lincoln Nautilus. This helps add to the fact that the Nautilus is helping to make Canadian winters and poor weather conditions that much more seamless and manageable.

See Our Cinematic of the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, it could easily become your daily driver. It’s small enough to operate well in the city, especially with parallel and perpendicular parking assist, but also can handle a lot of road conditions. The crossover platform gives you the ability to get more space and storage around you without having to worry about height coming into your underground parking, but the feeling of a sporty sedan.

If you are a big family looking for a replacement to a big SUV or a rapidly growing family, this car might not be big enough for you. But, it’s a great alternative to sedan owners looking for a bit more of a taller presence and higher seated position on the road.

You can learn more about the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus on their website, with pricing starting at $48,950.

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