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Get Your Start in Real Estate Investment With Mitch Parker

What does it take to get into the real estate investment? How much capital do you need to get into the industry? What kind of risk is there when it comes to investing in real estate?

There is a lot of questions when it comes to such a high-demand industry in Canada.

Enter Mitch Parker

We sat down with MP Private Capital’s Mitch Parker to find out answers to these questions. Mitch Parker is a motivated and knowledgable owner of MP Private Capital and we wanted to kick off our LXRY Q&A series on our new LXRY TV YouTube Channel with him. Our interview took place at the beautiful presentation centre of The Perry, where we sat down with Mitch to find out more about what he does for the real estate world.

Mitch runs MP Private Capital, a company that acts as a link between real estate developers and investors for top tier real estate developments. It was interesting to talk to Mitch about real estate in Canada, what attracts outside investors to Canada and what he does on a typical day.

“Our company priorities when helping investors is to align them with a project which both ensures their initial investment is secure and secondly that they receive a consistent rate of return higher than what they could get from most investment vehicles.”

MP Private Capital’s goal is to show investors that reward doesn’t have to be tied to risk.

“There are products out there that can yield a great return consistently year after year without having to place capital in a volatile or risky investment.”

On some occasions, potential real estate investors are overwhelmed by pressure and it becomes a ‘paralysis by analysis’ situation, and that ‘perfect time to buy’ never comes.

So, if you are well educated about the property, and you have a great instinct about it, go for it! But be sure to talk to Mitch, he can definitely help you through the process of become a strong real estate investor.

Watch our exclusive interview and LXRY Q&A with Mitch Parker of MP Private Capital: