LXRY Features: Porsche Design Toronto

[W]hat happens when heritage meets fashion and practicality?

You get…Porsche Design.

You are walking down the streets of Toronto, you feel like you want to buy something new, but you also want the quality too. You are looking for something that adds to your style or brings your style to the next level. Or maybe you want that one piece that you are proud to own. Most of these scenarios are tough to live through because usually you compromise style for quality, but all of these scenarios can be made at Porsche Design’s store in Toronto.

Immediately when you walk into to the store you are welcomed by beautiful visuals comprised of fabrics, colours and textures for a variety of different items. The store is well looked after and items presented inside are engineered and well thought of, but approachable.

What is interesting about the Porsche Design store is the layers of design history that makes up the backbone of these stores. Porsche Design is celebrating it’s 40th year as a design studio and they are staying true to their heritage with every new collection they release.

About Porsche Design

What is Porsche Design?

Porsche Design is a design firm of Porsche that designs both men and women’s luxury fashion and accessories. Their stores are located in different countries all over the world and are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year as a design firm.

Their designs have complimented Porsche automobiles products but are designed to complement and provide sophisticated functionality to the lifestyle of their customers. The original name was Design by F.A. Porsche, named after the renowned car designer, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who designed famous Porsche sports cars like the Porsche 904 and the famous Porsche 911. It was only until 2005 that all the products that were under the name Design by F.A. Porsche, were then marketed as the Porsche Design name and the brand was established. After the brand was established, stores started to open their doors all around the world, and have continued to grow, opening up more than 100 storefronts.

Now, watch this beautiful video about Porsche Design’s 40Y of designing.

There are only 12 designers representing the pieces that they design and place on store shelves. Porsche makes the great automobiles you know and love, Porsche Design teams up with other companies to make exclusive lines that are made to a limited quantity.

Porsche Design isn’t your typical branded fashion store, it’s not like going into a dealership and buying a hat with the Porsche logo on it, they fit in and compliment their customer’s lifestyles.

Moreover, Porsche Studio makes up for the larger ticketed items such as yachts and other architectural projects.

The Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award is awarded to companies that have had the chance to prove their design and functionality on an international stage with world renowned designers and brands competing to win the Product Design award.

It’s a very prestigious award, it is definitely something worth putting on your mantle if you win. Porsche Design is no stranger to this particular award.

Their designs have be nominated and have one this prestigious award multiple times.

Their Porsche Design Leather P’1140 RawTec Leather Blazer (shown below) has won the prestigious Red Dot Award and has taken materials found in blazers and fashion to a new and innovative level.

Porsche Design Toronto

Inside the Porsche Design Toronto Store

But what was one of the most interesting aspects of Porsche Design is the fact that it never forgets the roots of what made Porsche great. The designers that work to style and engineer these different items also add aspects of their high-performance Porsche sports cars in their designs.

Porsche Design Toronto

Some of the leather jackets you can purchase (such as the one above) are based on Porsche’s P’1000 first racing car jacket and only 400 have been made worldwide. Other features like these shoes (shown below on the left side) use technology based in the Porsche Carrera GT‘s suspension, while using independent spring loaded design as support.

Porsche Design Toronto

Even the pens (shown below) use the same materials as the brake lines in their sports cars. Other materials like Carbon Fibre make appearances in their designs for durability, lightness and pleasing asthmatics.

Porsche Design Toronto

One of their biggest best sellers is the Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry, which we have featured a couple of months ago, and if you want to get one, be sure to plan ahead, because they have a waiting list.

Porsche Design Toronto

On our quest to not only educate our viewers and readers but showcase what is luxurious in Canada, this brand definitely appears in both categories. If you go to the store, don’t just window shop, don’t just look at one thing and leave. That’s not the point, you won’t get what Porsche Design is all about if you just don’t scratch the surface.

Spend some time in the store, ask for more information, every piece in the store has a talking point.

Every. Single. Piece.

The sunglasses, the pens, the watches, the luggage, and even the shoes has a story and has a purpose. Their staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable about their products, and they are hungry to learn more about them too.

Porsche Design Toronto

So don’t look at the pieces, learn about them.

Here is where Porsche Design Toronto is located:

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Porsche Design Store Toronto

77 Bloor Street West

M5S 1M2

Toronto, Ontario

phone | 416.929.1800

www |

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