Moët & Chandon Celebrates 150 Years

There is nothing quite like enjoying a night of celebration with some champagne, especially with Moët & Chandon.

That being said, champagne is the main ingredient in an elevated celebration. But, what happens when the champagne brand celebrates a big milestone? They must do something big.

To celebrate 150 years in crafting one of the best party additions, Moët & Chandon has come out with a special, limited-edition bottle of their new Impérial Brut.

Enter Moët & Chandon’s 150th Anniversary Impérial Brut

The design of the bottle has been changed to display a lovely ribbon that wraps around the body of the bottle showcasing its newly reached age.

Moët & Chandon, Imperial Brut

The taste? Well, it’s the same great taste of Moët and Chandon of course. One of the nicest champagne going.

Not too dry and not too sweet, it’s not the type of champagne where you have 2 sweet sips and leave it for the party runner to find later, half full. It’s one that I think you would enjoy and want to have more of.

The Impérial 1869 Cocktail

Interested in mixing it into a timeless cocktail?

Try this.


15ml Agave Syrup*

*Agave Syrup: combine 1 part Agave nectar and 1 part water (50/50)
2 Dashes Grapefruit Bitters
1 Dash Orange Flower Water
100ml Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial Champagne


Moët & Chandon, Champagne, Imperial Brut

It’s amazing to think that Moët and Chandon have been around almost as long as our declaration of Canada. Think about how much time has gone by in the world, how many celebrations it’s been apart of. Maybe your great grandfather and grandmother celebrated with it too. I love long heritage through lines like this, it’s a deep connection to the past and a moment in time until we celebrate what’s next in the future.

Here’s to 150 years, Moët and Chandon.

Moët & Chandon Bottle of Champagne

The Bottom Line

Moët and Chandon is one of those iconic champagne brands that has been apart of celebrations all around the world for different reasons. Whether it’s popping a bottle because you received a promotion, celebrating a birthday, landing a big deal or getting funding for your movie or creative project, it’s a great companion to have for any reason to celebrate.

For more information about Moët and Chandon’s limited edition release be sure to visit their website and pick up a bottle for yourself at participating LCBO and SAQ locations.

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