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Lacoste Celebrates A Milestone: The Crocodile Turns 85

Lacoste comes from the roots and mechanical brain of a particular athlete, René Lacoste, over 85 years ago. He was a tennis player who used to have to wear long-sleeved shirts and even ties while he was playing in the heat, running reactively towards his next shot. He realized that there was a better way to stay cool, look presentable and with this idea in mind, brought something new to tennis back in 1926, the invention of the polo shirt. Nicknamed ‘The Crocodile’ from other tennis players for his skill and based on what we have read, biting style on[Read More]

Grand Touring Brings Jaguar And Land Rover To It’s Expansive Dealership

When you look across the bridge on Dundas Street East in Toronto, going over the water, bike pathways, highway below, a massive building emerges on the other side with a list of recognizable and exotic car logos spread across like a billboard. This is Grand Touring Automobiles’ home in East Toronto. Almost looking like a headquarters for a team of popular superheroes, this modern, multi-layered and levelled building spans almost a whole city block on one side. We were invited to the welcoming of Jaguar and Land Rover to this Grand Touring Automobiles’ location and we couldn’t be more excited. [Read More]

LXRY Q&A: Som Seif, President and CEO of Purpose Investments

There are some people who we think live with a lot of passion for what they do. Dedicated to each aspect of their life with the fullest conviction. We feel this way about Som Seif, President & CEO of Purpose Investments. He is an active CEO and a very active CEO when it comes to cycling, outdoors and enjoying time in nature. The balance between work and life is a responsibility that he carries well. The investment of time and energy into himself and what is important to him is clear and seems to carry throughout with his work with[Read More]

Make Your Travels As Nice As Your Christopher Howard Suitcase

Are your trips as nice as your luggage? Your luggage deserves to go somewhere as nice as it. With Christopher Howard, it might change the way you travel, because you will only want to put these handmade suitcases in the best places. For detail-oriented people, the travel starts before you even exit the door. You get your luggage ready and that’s when vacation or business travel starts. You leave your daily briefcase or bag behind and you want to be looking forward to your travel, much like the shoes you wear for only special occasions. The new finely-crafted luggage suitcase[Read More]

Roots Canada Brings A 4D Experience With Their Northern Light Event

What can you do you innovate the fashion show to make it more of an experience? You work with technology. But, also, you bring together music and culture into the roots of what you are doing to make it more of a performance than a fashion show. Roots Canada accomplished just that with their Northern Light event at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. We were greeted to our first ‘coat check’ event of the season, as the weather had us thinking about warmth, flannel and overcoats. We levelled up to the next floor and the room opened up[Read More]

Spending A Day Like A Celebrity in Toronto With The Lincoln Continental

Celebrities always have an interesting life, inside or outside of the tabloids. Whether it’s living, driving or just being at lavish events or doing lavish things. It can be quite the life. But, what’s it like to live like a Celebrity in Toronto? We find out…with the Lincoln Canada team and the all-new Lincoln Continental. You don’t have to be a celebrity to live like one. But, you can enjoy a day like one, and here’s how. A Start Atop A Hotel We started our day on the rooftop of the Bisha Hotel and Residences, where we are briefed on the[Read More]

Breitling Opened It’s Doors in Yorkdale To Eager Watch Enthusiasts

We had the opportunity of going to the new Breitling store before it opened in Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This is the newest of their many locations in Canada, so it’s nice to see the historic watch brand expand more north of the border. The showroom is tailored to the buying habits of hundreds of Canadian and North American buyers. If it’s your first time to the store or if you are an avid customer of the brand you can find something that works for you. We love that Breitling listens to their customers and it shows in the collection of[Read More]

Training Yourself To Enjoy A Weekend in Montreal

Montreal is a popular but so vastly different city than major cities around it, like Toronto and Ottawa. The city is built so beautifully with elevation changes, historic buildings and a particular focus on architecture and spacing. What I really liked specifically was the ‘of-course’ mentality they have with architecture and design in the city. I feel like bad design dies on the drafting table before the design is even complete. Of course we should have beautiful buildings for people to love working and living in Of course we should have large foyers, people have to walk through them Of course this building[Read More]

Archives Boutique – Exclusive gems in the heart of Yorkville

By: Pamela Putman. Jaleh Farhadpour has a true eye for beauty, and nothing could demonstrate this more than the unique assortment of designer jewelry and accessories displayed in her luxury Yorkville boutique. Archives is the sole carrier in North America of Pristine, which in itself was no easy feat. It required 13 months of negotiation to woo this ultra luxury brand, where it previously could only be found at Colette in Paris. If scarcity is a strength, then Archives is positively Herculean in the competitive field of high end designer stores in Toronto. Beyond this however, is not just the[Read More]

A Visit Up To The Penthouse & Super Penthouse of the Trump Residences Toronto

Today, we feature the Trump Residences Toronto‘s Penthouse and Super Penthouse suites, but first, let’s talk Trump. The Trump Residences Toronto is situated at Bay and Adelaide Streets in the heart of the financial district in Toronto. You can feel the pulse of the city-run through this area as people go to and from work, or tourists head to close-by attractions, venues and some of Toronto’s best restaurants. Easy access to the PATH via Scotia Bank Plaza, situated just steps from the Trump, makes it a breeze to hop on the TTC and get to anywhere in the downtown core[Read More]

Tiger of Sweden Launches AW15 Collection

By: Brigitte Truong With Post-Punk vibe Tiger of Sweden showcased their hotly-anticipated Autumn Winter 2015 collection last week at its flagship store in Toronto. This season sees the classic Swedish brand adopt an understated post-punk look which was made popular by the 1970‘s German band, Kraftwerk. With calculated colour blocking, oversized silhouettes and daring prints, the latest collection is perfect for the fashion forward man and woman looking to revamp their wardrobe next season. A notable mention goes out to the electronic print available in the full Jil Suit, which is just one of many bold editorial pieces at the[Read More]

Stone Tile Debuts New Showroom and Laminam Product Line

Last night was the unveiling of the new showroom for Stone Tile International and the Canadian debut of one of their new products, Laminam, and it was a big launch. The showroom was packed to the brim with professionals in the design industry just waiting to see Stone Tile’s new collection. The showroom was beautifully design, we were there early, so we got a chance to walk through the whole maze of beautiful wood, tiles, trims and more! And it’s a big showroom. Once the party got up and running, a third of the whole showroom was turned into a night club[Read More]

Strellson Opens Up Second Monobrand Store in Bayview Village

Strellson, a Swiss international fashion brand has now opened it’s doors in Bayview Village Shopping Centre. The 840 sq. ft. is stocked with all of your favourites and some new Fall/Winter season items to build your wardrobe going into the colder months. The store is fresh, modern and industrial, a nice change from the other stores at Bayview Village. We are very excited to bring our brand to one of Canada’s premiere fashion malls,” says Mark Altow, President of Strellson Canada. “We’ve been looking to expand for awhile and I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for our second[Read More]

A LXRY Favourite: The Abyss Table

Price: $17,643 CAD When it comes to furniture that draws attention, a table isn’t usually at the top of the list. But designer Christopher Duffy has flipped that on it’s head, with the Abyss Table. Duffy London has always come up with some brilliant products that we are sure you have seen in your Pinterest feeds with that glass of wine beside your home computer. This is designed to draw attention and absolutely keep your attention. In the middle of the table it makes it look like you are going to dive in an underground cave, with rich blues looking[Read More]

Yorkdale Brings Shoppers Even More Luxury Retail

Yorkdale Shopping Centre been very busy…to say the least. They have completely brought luxury to the area, where decades ago, didn’t have anything. Accessible by transit, tons of parking (yet almost always full), it’s continued to bring brands unique stores like Tesla to it. But it’s done it again. Yorkdale has brought even more luxury retailers to it’s skylight shopping centre, making it a hub for luxury shoppers all around the Greater Toronto Area. If you want to find out more, read the full story from our friends at Retail Insider: YORKDALE CREATES A WORLD-CLASS LUXURY WING