Muskoka Bay 4

The Muskoka Bay Club

Muskoka Bay Club

Location: 1217 North Muldrew Lake Road, Gravenhurst, ON

Price:  $459,900 to over $600,000 

The Muskoka Bay Club is a brand new housing and condominium development by Freed Developments. It’s combination of city, country, and cottage living will surely make it a popular project to either escape or retire from the city.

Golf, beautiful lofts and villa condominiums, recreational and sports centre, infinity pools, and a solid developer, Freed Developments, the Muskoka Bay Club is an all around, very attractive development.

Just moments away from the Muskoka Bay Club, Muldrew Lake is a great place to bring your boat, get involved in water sports, and join the on-the-water boat waving community!

The Muskoka Bay Club 17,000 square foot, four season community Clifftop Clubhouse is the start to a beautiful 18-hole golf course and a great social centre to end the day of play.

The pro shop and bistro are very social spaces, but if you want to just have the day to yourself, you can have your privacy in your stylish loft or villa.

The Loft Style condo design has a city feel with the same amenities of a Muskokan cottage.

With double storey windows in the great room and it’s open concept design, the one- or two-bedroom suites come with a Social Membership with access to a infinity pool and bistro!

It’s a home that will keep you entertained as as long as you own this beautiful property.

Pictures from: Freed Developments | Muskoka Bay Club & BuzzBuzzHome


Question: Would you rather live in a Villa or a Loft?

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