Montblanc Brings History With Patron of Art Edition Fountain Pens

[M]ontblanc is a renowned German manufacturer known for their luxury crafted writing instruments, watches, jewelry and leather goods. The internationally recognized trademark – identified by a six pointed star with rounded edges -represents the largest peak in the Alps from above.

Any Montblanc piece holds a prestige seldom attainable and desired by most but what brings an even greater importance and exclusivity are their limited edition collections. Among the greatest is the Patron of the Art Series of fountain pens.


This tribute and celebration of historical art leaders not only conveys historical significance but also as works of art. The release of the yearly collections is also concurring with the annual Montblanc de la Culture Art Patronage Awards, a celebration to honor the dedication of modern-day participants of the arts.

This years 2013 edition pays tribute to Ludovico Sforza, whom was crowned Duke of Milan in 1494. He was known for being a strong advocate of humanist education at the University of Milan and commissioned numerous artists. Among those artists included Leonardo da vinci and Donato Bramante – which during that time ‘The Last Supper’ was created. Ludovico is known till this day to have transformed Milan into one of the most outstanding courts in Europe.

In honor of Ludovico, two limited edition designs will be released – the 4810 and 888. Both models will be exact in design and are directly influenced by the astounding architecture that Ludovico commissioned in Castello Sforzesco and Leonardo da Vinci’s ceiling fresco from the ‘Sala delle Asse’ in the Duke’s Milanese castle.

The 4810 is a precious black with Da Vinci’s complex designs in sterling silver and a 750 rhodium plated solid gold nib of the edition engraved with the Duke’s coat of arms.

In contrast, the 888 is lacquered in a deep royal blue and complimented with solid gold fittings topped with a mother of pearl Montblanc emblem. Both pens pay tribute to the Duke’s leadership and praise the architecture of the monumental Castello Sforza.


The 2013 Patron of Art Limited Edition is now currently available in all Montblanc boutiques and a ‘Montblanc Creations of Passion’ app is now available for all phone interfaces. The app will allow you to be the first to learn about the latest collections, explore past creations and watch how Montblanc’s true dedication, passion and craftsmanship are brought to life.

The Bottom Line

Montblanc pens are definitely something to strive for, with their craftsmanship, heritage, and beautiful design, it makes them absolutely timeless. Whether it’s a wedding gift, business gift or something that you buy to treat yourself or a loved one, it’s a writing instrument that you can keep with you for your whole life and even pass it on through generations that follow.

Everyone remembers their first Montblanc pen.

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