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Play The Rock Golf Course in Muskoka

On our trip staying at the brilliant J.W. Marriott The Rosseau decided to play golf. But, where do we play that’s very convenient and a tough course, designed by a well-known golf pro in Muskoka? Well, across the street from the JW Marriott – Rosseau Residences, evidently evidently.

The Rock is one of those courses that is daunting. Very daunting.

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The course itself has cliffs, rolling hills, rocks that cover an entire side of a fairway or behind a green. It distracts you because for the most part you see everything else but the fairway when you are teeing off.

The golf course was designed by Nick Faldo and it’s quite dynamic course.

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I was only able to relate one hole on the course to other golf courses I’ve played. But the rest, very different. The levels of the golf course have a lot of play. You will be faced with uphill approaches with just as much drastic downhill shots.

The course isn’t the longest I’ve played, but the game is long, calculating every move you make.

The greens themselves weren’t the fastest, but hard on landing for some of the approach shots. It’s important to play  fades and draws on this course to accommodate the many dog leg lefts and rights.

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The Bottom Line

In my experience, the JW Marriott – Rosseau Residences and The Rock make an excellent combination. It provides you with that all day Muskoka feeling with a strong sense of challenge. But it’s something that if you keep it straight down the fairway and keep it from being daunting and stay focused, you could have your best round here.