Grey Goose Launches New Lounge At Muzik

[L]ast night we went to Muzik in Toronto to experience the new Grey Goose Lounge. The event seemed completely opposite than the Grey Goose Cherry Noir event, but the different vibe was a nice change!

Muzik is a massive. The venue was able to fit more than enough people and brought lots of different personalities from the world of television, blogging, fashion, and entertainment.


The event started at 6pm with people coming later after probably ditching their after-work attire. For the people who just had time to change clothes, Grey Goose and Muzik had a hair styling salon situated from one of the bars that made sure everyone going into the salon looked great coming out.

The beautiful mix of long, draping curtains from the ceiling and stacked bottles of Grey Goose brought style to specific areas, while attendees lounged on bright white (comfortable) furniture, standing out in the dimmed lit room.

IMG_8420The venue is massive.

When finding someone, we had to message what bar we were at to make sure they found us, but it made for tons of moving and socializing room.

IMG_8398The bar was serving an assortment of delicious cocktails of all different flavours, all sporting the famous Grey Goose ingredient.

“We’re excited to join GREY GOOSE, a like-minded brand, to extend the Muzik experience,” said Zlatko Starkovski, owner of Muzik. “Torontonians can expect unparalleled luxury and service within the Lounge, as they do within our existing venue. We look forward to sharing the space.”

IMG_8417Special thanks to Grey Goose, Rock-it Promotions and Muzik‎ for the invitation we had a lot of fun at the event and we were definitely around some great company.

Where the Grey Goose Lounge is located:

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15 Saskatchewan Road

Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

(416) 595-9998


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