Vieren – An Exciting And Contemporary Take On Automatic Tank Watches

Is it time for a contemporary change to a traditional watch design?

We definitely think so and so does our featured brand today, Vieren.

Traditional watches come in different shapes and designs. However, the rectangular ‘Tank’ signified watch design has not changed too much over the last 100 years. ‘Tank’ watches are classic designs that pay homage to the Renault FT-17, a tank in the First World War known for its rectangular design. Now, the angled watches are a bit more common, and so are the designs that go along with them. Traditional metal casing, white dial, darker contrasting hands, and separated bracelet in some way, shape, or form. A very traditional approach to tank watches.

Not with Vieren though, they want to add a new and contemporary twist on that classic design. Something a little less stuffy and a little more modern.

Enter The Vieren Watch Company

Vieren is a new player in the watch game, developed on Canadian soil with the manufacturing of their timepieces in Switzerland. Each timepiece is actually certified Swiss Made from their studio in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Switzerland has been known as the original horological capital of the world, so it’s nice to see a connection between tradition and modern style with these Vieren timepieces.

Vieren watches are contemporary and monochromatic. It’s honestly hard to find something that these watches would not wear well with.

These modern, unisex, automatic, and fashionable watches provide a modern look to your wrist and act as a functional piece of modern jewelry. Easy to compliment and dress up and down with your wardrobe.

Vieren has been created by Sunny Fong (from Project Runway) and Jessica Chow. They wanted to create something that puts focus on the person wearing the timepiece and what’s important to them. They are drawn to automatic timepieces because it is in fact our bodies and the progression of ourselves that powers the complication and the watch itself. When no movement is created from us, time stops. It is that push-and-pull nature to keep yourself and the complication moving that is a through-line in the Vieren DNA.

About The Vieren Timepieces

The Vieren Watches come in a variety of monochromatic designs with two different levels, starting with a matte design and a diamond design.

I was lent Vieren’s Matte Black design for a few weeks on the wrist.

Each watch has a lovely 18K gold accent that is found surrounding the dial on the inside walls that provides a lovely, shiny, and eye-catching detail that contrasts the matte finish.

The case itself is slim, very slim. This watch has been designed well to fit under sleeves as it is only 9.2mm in height.

With this in mind, it really acts as an upscale business casual watch, but mostly, I can see this being a terrific dress watch.

If you are looking for your watch design to stay nice and crisp, you can find a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a multi-layered, anti-reflection coating.

The Vieren has a hard exterior too.

The case and bracelet are manufactured with 316L polished high-grade stainless steel that will make for a long-lasting timepiece in your collection.

The highly durable bracelet does not compromise comfort and is easy to wear, while the dual-deployment clasp is reactionary and quick to take on and off. The small link designs make it comfortable to bend nicely around your wrist.

An additional factor is the presentation of the watch. After all, when you buy a new watch, it’s all about how you receive your new watch. Vieren knows this and includes a watch stand in the packaging as well. This brings an extra appreciation to your timepiece that you don’t see very often from other watch companies. Usually, the watch box is the only type of display you get for the watch, but some are boring and do not make you want to have it on your dresser or table. Vieren’s approach and detail to how people would display it after they opened shows an appreciation that’s built-in and holistic with the unboxing experience.

Limited Quantity

If you see someone else wearing a Vieren, you are among a select few members of this exclusive club because each of the watches is limited to only 100 pieces.

Additional Specifications

  • Movement: Swiss ETA-2671 Automatic
  • Power Reserve: 44 hours
  • Jewels: 25
  • Frequency: 28800
  • Case: 27mm x 41.5mm x 9.2mm
  • Bracelet: Seven-row single link stainless steel bracelet
  • Inside Ring: 18K Gold with minute tracker detail
  • Dial: Hand-applied logo, debossed seconds
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters (3 ATM)

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a fashionable tank-style automatic watch with a contemporary design with ties back with traditional watchmaking, it is going to be Vieren. They are timeless in design, a new artistic tank on a classic watchmaking silhouette that adds something different to your wrist that is not stuffy in any way. It’s a watch that doubles as jewelry and jewelry that doubles as a watch.

If I was designing the next line of Vieren watches. I would work on sustainable materials (vegan leathers for watch straps), having a panda or reverse panda design (a mix of black and white), and playing with colours on the dial. Would also consider a rectangular or larger size date window that would be a bit bigger for more clarity. This is more of a daytime watch as well as it does not have any lume or glow from the hands to help see at night. So, I would consider those aspects if Vieren was looking to add more functions to their timepieces.

I look forward to seeing how this lineup of Vieren watches continues to their way on enthusiasts and stylish wrists all over the world.

Prices start at $2,350 CAD for the Matte Black or Matte White and continue to $3,250 CAD for the Black Diamond and White Diamond models.

If you are interested in a Vieren watch, be sure to visit their website.

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