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Archives Boutique – Exclusive gems in the heart of Yorkville

By: Pamela Putman.

Jaleh Farhadpour has a true eye for beauty, and nothing could demonstrate this more than the unique assortment of designer jewelry and accessories displayed in her luxury Yorkville boutique. Archives is the sole carrier in North America of Pristine, which in itself was no easy feat. It required 13 months of negotiation to woo this ultra luxury brand, where it previously could only be found at Colette in Paris. If scarcity is a strength, then Archives is positively Herculean in the competitive field of high end designer stores in Toronto.

Beyond this however, is not just the exclusive lines she carries, but her unique understanding of just what it means to use the word ‘luxury’ when describing the aesthetics of her store.

As a trained architect, Jaleh has always had a passion for artistic tastes and convictions. The interior of the store lends itself to a sort of light box design that allows streaming natural light and high ceilings to accentuate the glittering gems encased on the showroom floor.

China made luxury available for everyone by copying what already exists” Jaleh explains, “but really luxurious designers became more selective about the access they give to select patrons.

The business of luxury is as important as the pieces themselves, and in this arena, she may have secured the greatest advantage. Celebrities and the well heeled come time and again to invest in her pieces, instead of buying into a brand of well known designers like those found at Holt Renfrew. She offers the direct alternative to customer experiences where shoppers become part of a gentrified world, a world where a customer attains a social status by being part of something larger, which in Holt’s case, is aspiration. At Archives, the pieces are unique, one of a kind. Where commercial jewelers copy each other and make it more accessible, Jaleh recognizes the appeal of creating beautifully unique pieces that become part of collections. It is in essence, what luxury truly is about.

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As a native of Iran, Jaleh recognizes the value of treasures handed down through generations. She has gone about making it her life’s work to create a new collection, partly of her own design (some of her own pieces are on display), partly from selected high-end designer artists, many of whom she calls personal friends. She continues to carry only the most exclusive European designers, expanding beyond jewelry to include Illesteva, Linda Farrow eyewear, Le Petit Jar handbags, Tom Dixon and Meissen Couture. As a result of this passion for fine and rare pieces, the store has been extremely successful. So much so that some accounts have passed on their option to be carried in stores like Holt Renfrew, in favour of Archives because of her anti-commercial stance. She has become so particular in what brands she carries, that for many, she has exclusivity agreements in place to prevent other stores from carrying the same brands.

Being adjacent to one of the most luxurious destinations in the city certainly has its benefits. The newly designed Four Seasons Hotel is a perfect accessory to her designer brands and their appeal is made that much grander by the hotel’s similar exclusive approach to the customer experience.

Learn more about Archives Boutique and visit their store in Yorkville.

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